The newness is here!

Hey! I have a bunch of new stuff. All set out and ready to be snagged. It’s a bit of a mixed bag at the moment, as I was working on a very traditional, primmy piece, decided I hated it, and went on to do some FUN and colorful pieces. I’ve got a Big Flower necklace and earrings set, featuring an erm, big flower..AND a lovely Hearts & Love set, just in time for Valentines day. I really like this piece – it comes with a pair of rather complicated and fun earrings. I’ve also done animal print belts, just to follow up on my release of animal print bangles and earrings. Last but not least a bit of a redesign and re-release of the some earrings that I made a while ago, and still love, the Bamboo & Lotus Bangles and Earrings set. Here’s a direct teleport to my shop, Dark Mouse Jewelry in Taber, next to the Ivory Tower.







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