Just having fun.

I am working on new stuff, I swear. It’s just sometimes, I get snagged on stuff and can’t move forward. I was working on this one piece, hugely primmy, detailed crap, and decided upon completion, that I didn’t like it. So there it sits in my inventory – till I suddenly have a lightbulb that lets me move forward with it. I was cruising around shopping with my gal pal Avi, and she introduced me to this great store, WMD. While wandering there – I came upon JuJu’s closet. Now I’ve been informed that I apparently live under a rock (imagine big, cheesey grin here). I loved JuJu’s and if I was a guy, OMG I’d so be at WMD. Anywho got these great pieces and they go nicely with a new thingy I’m working on, that I do like….and then shopping again, and came upon the MUST HAVE hair at gritty kitty, what with new purchases and new skins my linden balance is looking a little well, weak these days.


Outfit Credits

Hair – Thursday – Rage – Gritty Kitty

Skin – Chai Double Shot Trinket – Tone 1 – LF Chai Skins

Eyes – New Edition Black Medium – Persona

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Jewelry – DM Big Flower Set (Not yet released) – Dark Mouse Jewelry at Whimsical Creations

Top &Tutu Skirt – –JuJu’s Closet

Bra – Catherine Silver – Cupcakes

Shoes – Calf Boots – Black – ETD

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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