A day of shopping and frustration

I was drawn to Tableau the other day by a new release on the feeds by Church of Luxe. I did get the coolest outfit there and will no doubt show it off shortly, but while there, I also picked up the most adorable top at Nylon Outfitters. This is the type of outfit I would wear in RL for a day of shopping. I ALSO picked up the cutest hair eveh from Curio. You know I never noticed it before at the Curio main store, I think because I’m always so distracted by the skins. So here’s my Saturday outfit. Maybe a bit on the cuteness overload. Goes great with my new ‘Trinity’ make-up from Chai. OMG – I bought three new skins at Chai, and while standing there drooling over my newness won another one because there’s a random giftcard generator at Chai. YAY!

OH! I have this thing I need to bitch about. And well – I’s got a blog, so what the hell. The SL viewer right now – if you’re a designer, trying to do stuff, is a pain in the ass. I’m using the regular viewer to build – you can’t TAKE pictures because hair disapears on zooming in OR the jewelry disapears. I switch to the release candidate viewer to take pictures – FROM A distance – you can’t build jewelry in the release candidate because you CAN’T select prims that are situated near or around the chest attachment point. It also bitmaps the hair textures in my photos. I’m using the Nicholaz client Eye Candy EC-h to take close up photos so the hair doesna look all jagged..sometimes. And even though I think the Nicholaz viewer is the best, most stable viewer I’ve ever used, it really needs an update (please nicholaz, please update it…), because objects take forever to rez. This is completely ridiculous – LL needs to get on this. I’m losing track of what client/viewer I’m supposed to use for what. If the tools for content creators are completely borked (and believe me, there are other little quibbles that I just won’t bother to mention) then how can we CREATE CONTENT! Okay – I’m done beating the dead horse. I know that anything I’ve said has been said before. Rant over.

Outfit creds below the pic


Outfit Credits

Hair – Hipster – Blond (headband retextured) – Curio

Skin – Chai Double Shot Trinity – Tone 4 (Freckled)- LF Chai Skins

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Lashes – Natural Prim Lashes – La Sylphide

Nails – Rosetta Makeup – Adam & Eve

Jewelry – DM Falling Flowers (Silver)- Dark Mouse Jewelry at Whimsical Creations

Top – Layered Beaded Sweater Set (Tan) – Nylon Outfitters

Jeans – Singular Jeans – Gypsy Soul

Boots – Heather Boots Cream – ETD

Poses – Almost Always – LAP


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