over the top

I was totally jazzed to see Ana Lutetia’s challenge, as something occurred about a week ago that had me thinking along the lines of dressing up with boyz clothes…I was shopping the ETD sale, erm, AGAIN, and thought, jeez there’s nothing else I can possilbly buy! Then I spied the mens’ hair and thought, hey, why not? Okay, so it’s not my natural inclination to buy guy stuff. But I LURVED the Jared hair – and it looks fabulous on! Plus I’m always hunting for hair that shows off my ears – and this style is perfect and has lovely flexy pieces. The hair is the start of the outfit and when I found a pair of jeans by Pixeldolls in my inventory that I had purchased a while ago, well I was on my way. I also remember that in the depths of inventory – I had a pair of great boots by Gutterblood Spoonhammer that are so well done (texture to die for) that I bought them even though they were for men and are kinda (ok really) big on me! Seriously I don’t know where you can go to buy these – I couldn’t find a store inworld, so if anyone knows, let me know. I really pulled a lot of the pieces of this outfit out of my own stuff – the Brogear book strapped to my leg, the primoptic shades, the bracers – I already owned! Oh I also cheated a bit on this one ;-). I really wanted the outfit to look like I stole some gangsta’s clothes. So I wanted some jewelry that had some presense – I mean if you’re gonna go topless the jewelry better have some presence heh? So I made a necklace. I also decided that since I simply don’t ‘do’ men’s jewelry – I needed to do something special with the necklace when I was done, since it was not my usual thing. So here’s the deal – if you’re a guy (or a girl) – and you buy a gift card in my shop (comeon you need a holiday present!!!) I will give you the necklace sized for men & women for FREE! Just drop me a notecard after you buy the giftcard. My giftcards are ON SALE at the Vanity Universe sim Winter Event – so get a card on sale AND get a cool necklace. I sized the necklace on my hubbies’ av so it should fit men properly. The skin is the freebie from Chai’s great hunt – Brisk. I’m really loving this skin – and since I’m sort of in skin indecision right now – I’ve been wearing different ones each day to see what grows on me. The make up options at Chai are amazing and awesome but I already own every single skin in the old line so I’m sort of in dilemma land. The new skins are stunning, and have a deeper livelier feeling. I’m sort of not sure what to do, but I think that I’ll be sucked in soon.


Outfit Credits from head to toe

Hair – Jared – Strawberry Burnt – ETD

Skin – Chai Double Shot Brisk – LF Chai Skins

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – DM Bling on Parade Men’s Chains (FREE with purchase of a DM Store Card) – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Shirt – Stallie Shirt (White) Reaction

Pants – Chain Jeans in Brown PixelDolls (PixelMen)

Bracers – Fierce Bracers & Gloves – Skanks R Us

Book – Leg Diary – Bro Gear

Boots – Vincent Boots – Black (by GutterBlood Spoonhammer can’t find a location in world)

Poses – All the men’s poses (Freebie from the poop hunt) – LAP


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