New Releases – Nana’s Diamonds & Mussed Up

I have been lucky enough in my life, to be gifted with things passed down by my grandmother. She was not wealthy or a fashion type, but rather the lovely and loving kind of grandmother we all called Nana. She always let my sisters and I ‘do’ her hair, and would sit quietly chatting with us while three little girls teased and hairsprayed her hair beyond recognition! She had a huge collection of jewelry, most of it not real. Of course we got to play with all of it. She had a beautiful necklace that was not real diamonds, but a lovely combination of old gold with fake diamonds. My sisters and I would fight over it! I’ve recreated the piece for my next release and appropriately enough, I’m calling it Nana’s Diamonds. I also wanted to created a piece that looks like you’ve draped on 3 different necklaces, just for fun. I’m calling this new set, Mussed Up. I wanted to mention that I am participating in Vanity’s Winter Universe, “Snow Queen” event. Please stop by my booth, there is a special price on gift cards, show only! Although you can use the cards either at the show, or at my main store in Taber. I have put out my Love’s Labours Lost necklace as my ‘donation’ to CARE international piece. 50% of the proceeds from sales of the necklace will go to CARE.
That’s it for now – you can purchase these new releases at my main store in Taber, next to the Ivory Tower of Prims!








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