Putting the Whimsy in Whimsical – New Releases at Dark Mouse

Ah Whimsy (no, not that one!). Whimsy as in whimsical. The holidays are upon us, literally, holding us down, forcing us into the dark place where whiny relatives and children lurk and wait in…..Oh erm sorry, I’m back now. In any case – it’s that time of year in the US! Time to get something special and romantic for that certain someone! And that leads me to – NEW RELEASES – woo hoo, YAY! Computer fixed! YAY! As usual, my stuff is not the usual – more on the whimsical side. I’ve got a beautiful piece that will be my free gifty for the Peace on Earth gridwide hunt. The Peace on Earth set in Silver. If you’re not patient enough to hunt for it, come by the store and pick it up! I’ve also got another romantic set, Falling Flowers – six semi precious stones set into dangling flowers – this is a very vintage look, semi precious stones set in silver. And speaking of vintage – I’ve got a lovely tribute to the Speakeasy era, called, appropriately enough, the Vintage Speakeasy set. As usual, these sets are available in Silver, Gold and Copper – with a fatpack being an awesome deal – 3 necklaces being the price of 2. OH! and I have the cutest new freebie set out – the Christmas Balls Necklace (that’s my name and I’m sticking to it!!!). Also – if you need want to give a gift, I have a store card system in the main store at Taber – easy peasy. Here’s a TP to the store – get yours now!








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