New Releases Delayed

Hi all – I have new releases yes. Sadly, I have computer problems too. On my new mac no yet! Yeah, I’m pissed and frustrated because I always feel so comfortable with my Mac and now I cannot figure out what’s wrong ;(. I may need to install additional RAM, because who knew the PS files could take up so much space. So – the plan is, additional RAM, ASAP, get my teenager to look at my computer (sad that he knows more about the damn thing then I do) then, new releases….ack and I really like my new releases. Here’s a picture of one of them that I’m really proud of. Very, very retro – I’m calling it vintage speakeasy. It ties in the back with a bow, which you cannot see cause I can’t take a picture of it! ARGH! I was going to do a sale and some other fun stuff, but not being able to access photoshop is really cramping my style. I’m working on a great gifty for December too. Stop by at Dark Mouse for something else – LOL



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