Classy yet casual

You know what I really like? I like shirts on the jacket layer that are long. I hate, hate, hate when I get a really cool shirt and my belly is sticking out. I would never wear this in RL and I really don’t like it in SL either. Not to say I haven’t worn a cropped top, but it feels so summery and wrong this time of year. At a minimum, I really like to have the option of longer layers. I have these belts from Pixeldolls that are designed to fill the gap and can I just say – I need more. What would be ideal are some solid versatile pieces that could go with a lot. Why am I going on about this? Cause I just got back from shopping Sprawl, Pushbutton Skolnick’s new store! I picked out a great top and pants. The shirt is perfect and LONG! As in meets the top of my pants long. Say it after me now, ‘long is good.’ Oh and this shirt is perfect – a classic button up with a great pattern, called The Wire. I paired it with The Treble pants in wheat. The texture on these pants is fabulous. Oh I also discovered a style I never knew existed at ETD, (Sale.Cheap.Go NOW) Natasha. I think I’ve worn this hair for 3 days now! Truly this is an outfit I would wear in RL. Classic, comfortable, simple. The free pumps from Maitreya came at exactly the right time! Join the group! Oh the jewelry are mostly practical pieces from Dark Mouse – the Vibrant Beads in Moss and my Brown Pattern bangles.


Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Natasha – Strawberry Blackened – ETD

Skin – Lumine – Leaf Frex (Fresh Pack) Curio

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – DM Vibrant Color Beads and Earrings in Moss, Brown Pattern Mix and Match Bangles – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Outfit – The Wire Blouse – Bone and The Treble Pants – Wheat – Sprawl

Shoes – Group Gift Pumps – Tawny – Maitreya

Poses – Almost always – LAP

2 thoughts on “Classy yet casual

  1. I, too, love the jacket layers because of their LONG qualities, and it’s so hard to find sometimes. Tuli’s Sumi line has some tops that come in both layers. I’ve been meaning to check out the cover-up belts out there because there are some tops that I would like to wear some day without showing mah belly!

  2. I’m currently in a turkey induced stupor where having something to cover mah belly would be a good thing! You know Pixeldolls had the best cover up belts – I recall getting a free gift with 4 styles in it. I wear these ALL the time. I would love to see designers make more of these!

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