Loves Labours Lost

Ah romance. Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Riley, erm Buffy and Spike. Okay, huge Buffy fan here. True story. It was season 3 of Buffy. Our tv broke (seriously, it just died). It was Tuesday. I MADE my husband go immediately to the store at 6 p.m. in the evening and buy us a new TV. HA! There was no way I was missing Buffy. If Joss Whedon had kept making them I would have watched Buffy and Grandpa haha! I actually made a slayer belt in SL. One of the very first things I made as an ‘accessory.’ If you did the Hallloween hunt at Retrology, I had it set out as one of the pumpkin gifts! Cute belt, seriously – when I feel like kicking butt, I wear it. In any case I am a huge sap for romance. Farscape, John and Aeryn. I just about died when they did! I could not believe they canceled the series and wrote numerous nasty letters ;-). In any case, I made a romantic new necklace and earrings. Very romantic, if you’re looking for that perfect gifty something for the one you love. I’ve named it, “Loves Labours Lost.” A really lovely piece. The set comes in copper/ruby, gold/pearl and silver/onyx – AND – if you want to give a gift – I’ve got store cards now! Oh and the store cards are on sale right now – a $500L card will only cost you $250L! A $5000L card will only cost you $2500L and so on and so forth. Store card sale will be on till Monday!

Oh almost forget – click here to teleport directly to Dark Mouse Jewelry & Whimsical Creations!





6 thoughts on “Loves Labours Lost

  1. When that ship turned them into crytal and they fell into dust, I stopped breathing for a minute and was “what, what, what!” Such a cruel ending for the series.

    I hope you saw the followup miniseries – for all it’s rushed feeling since they edited 8 hour shows into a 4 hour miniseries, it was worth it for the resolution…. and ooohhh, I cried and cried.

  2. Oh my God! Ok, I have watched all the DVD’s of Buffy, Twice. Also all the seasons of Angel, twice. Firefly, yup, twice (although that was shorter so it didn’t take as long) I went to the hunt three days in a row scouring for that belt and couldn’t find it. I was heartbroken, it was all I wanted. Is it available in store, or can I buy one directly from you?
    Whedenverse Geek,
    Tracey Triellis

  3. I think that I would not have survived if they had not made the followup miniseries to Farscape!!!

    /me is happy I’m not the only romantic 😉

    Tracey look in your inventory!

    oh and….mr. whedon? BRING BACK BUFFY!

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