whaaa aut – or – it just don’t matter what this title is! HA!

Okay no secret I read the feed religiously, especially while I’m RL working…I’m usually refreshing it when my mind wanders. This happens a lot. I spotted GypsySoul on the feed and decided to drop by. Wow is all I can say. I bought one outfit – I always start out by trying just one – brought it back to the privacy of my skybox and tried it on. I love this outfit “Singular”and will return for more – what a great designer! Gimme more please. I paired it with my own boots and jewelry and chose some great new hair from Refuge (if you have not been to Refuge, please stop what you’re doing and go now). Anyway this is the look and I’m loving it. Credits are below the picture!


Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Blair – Light Auburn – Refuge

Skin – Lumine – Russet Frex (Intense Pack) Curio

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – Big 80’s Plaid Bangles and Earrings – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Outfit (Tank, Sweater, Jeans, Socks) – Singular – GypsySoul

Boots – Classic Riding Boots (Red) – Dark Mouse Jewelry – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Poses – Almost always – LAP


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