A San Francisco Frame of Mind

It’s election day in the US and surprisely enough, has put me in a San Francisco frame of mind. I lived in San Francisco for many years and miss it a great deal. While I was in this state of mind, I got my stipend from LL ;-). I have a rule about my stipend – I must spend it as quickly as possible. So I decided I needed a leather jacket – something I’d wear in San Francisco – where if you’re wise, you dress in layers, as you never know what the weather will be. Watching the feeds I saw the new releases from Aoharu and off I went to get me a leather jacket. I landed in the middle of lucky chair fever, had the chair STOLEN from me twice by newly arriving “M” av’s (ARGH) realized the jacket was purple and bought my new brown jacket and left! I’ve been working on a new release myself – my “Locked Up” necklace. I’m sorry it’s not quite available yet. I just need to package it up, etc….and well I’ve just not gotten to it. It works great with the jacket though! Anyhow, I’m in a San Francisco reminiscing kind of mood! See outfit credits below the picture. OH – hey – shut down your computer – get your butt outta that chair and go VOTE! NOW


Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Vivian – Strawberry Blackened – ETD

Skin – Lumine – Juxt Frex Curio

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry and Glasses – Catty Eye Glasses and Locked Up Necklace with Big Hoop Earrings (Not yet available – SOON!) – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Jacket – LeatherBlouson Brown – Aoharu

Shirt – Iki White Crew T Undershirt (short) – Pixeldolls

Skirt – Black Bondage Mini w/belt – Wrong

Tights – DC Leggings – Black – Dernier Cri

Boots – LC Vamp – Electra Black – Jaywalk

Poses – Almost always – LAP


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