Putting the Whimsy in Whimsical – New Releases at Dark Mouse

Ah Whimsy (no, not that one!). Whimsy as in whimsical. The holidays are upon us, literally, holding us down, forcing us into the dark place where whiny relatives and children lurk and wait in…..Oh erm sorry, I’m back now. In any case – it’s that time of year in the US! Time to get something special and romantic for that certain someone! And that leads me to – NEW RELEASES – woo hoo, YAY! Computer fixed! YAY! As usual, my stuff is not the usual – more on the whimsical side. I’ve got a beautiful piece that will be my free gifty for the Peace on Earth gridwide hunt. The Peace on Earth set in Silver. If you’re not patient enough to hunt for it, come by the store and pick it up! I’ve also got another romantic set, Falling Flowers – six semi precious stones set into dangling flowers – this is a very vintage look, semi precious stones set in silver. And speaking of vintage – I’ve got a lovely tribute to the Speakeasy era, called, appropriately enough, the Vintage Speakeasy set. As usual, these sets are available in Silver, Gold and Copper – with a fatpack being an awesome deal – 3 necklaces being the price of 2. OH! and I have the cutest new freebie set out – the Christmas Balls Necklace (that’s my name and I’m sticking to it!!!). Also – if you need want to give a gift, I have a store card system in the main store at Taber – easy peasy. Here’s a TP to the store – get yours now!








New Releases Delayed

Hi all – I have new releases yes. Sadly, I have computer problems too. On my new mac no yet! Yeah, I’m pissed and frustrated because I always feel so comfortable with my Mac and now I cannot figure out what’s wrong ;(. I may need to install additional RAM, because who knew the PS files could take up so much space. So – the plan is, additional RAM, ASAP, get my teenager to look at my computer (sad that he knows more about the damn thing then I do) then, new releases….ack and I really like my new releases. Here’s a picture of one of them that I’m really proud of. Very, very retro – I’m calling it vintage speakeasy. It ties in the back with a bow, which you cannot see cause I can’t take a picture of it! ARGH! I was going to do a sale and some other fun stuff, but not being able to access photoshop is really cramping my style. I’m working on a great gifty for December too. Stop by at Dark Mouse for something else – LOL


Baby it’s cold outside.

Hey I really like Gypsy Soul. The latest outfit is another cute entry – you must check this shop out. The selection is small, but, I dunno, different. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest it’s reminiscent of LC….(ducks and runs). Of course that’s just me and my own thoughts and I’m simply not descriptive enough to say why. I snagged another new outfit there, jacket and scarf combo called Bundles. I will make one small complaint. I wish the jacket were longer, cause I hate when my stomach is bare unless it’s summer. I solved the problem by using a long tank top on the undershirt and underwear layers. I will also note that I did a bit of manipulating of prims here – the hat for the outfit I copied and used the mouth attachment point for, as the glasses already occupied the nose. I pulled a skin from my Celestial Studios collection as I was feeling nostalgic and I’ve always loved the freckles. I also noticed an oldie but goodie freebie in my inventory whilst searching for ‘purple’ pants. A Pixeldolls freebie called Cimmaron – it worked really well for some reason. I also wanted to show off a little gifty I built for the upcoming Peace on Earth hunt, which apparently the entire grid is participating in! It’s the Peace on Earth necklace and earrings set, but not yet released (it’s for the hunt!). Anyhow, full outfit creds are below the picture.


Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Willis – Blond Blackened – ETD

Skin – Vogue Champagne – Purple Light Celestial Studios

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – DM Peace on Earth Set – Silver Dark Mouse Jewelry

Glasses – Arach – PrimOptic glasses

Tank Top – Take Tank (tinted brown) – Magi Take Shop

Jacket, Gloves, Hat – Bundles (Cocoa) – Gypsy Soul

Pants – Cimarron Basic Jeans (Purple) – PixelDolls

Belt – Leather Belt Dark Brown – Maitreya

Boots – Old Boots – Black – Shiny Things

Poses – Almost always – LAP

Who are all these people and where the heck are they shopping?

Sooooo I hesitated to put this out there, but what the heck, I’m sitting on the floor in the Las Vegas International Airport next to the electrical outlet that I fought some business guy in a suit for and won, I ‘think’ my flight is late, and my butt is numb. I logged onto SL using the free wifi, but it was slow and painful and there didn’t seem to be anyone I know and love around. I checked concurrency and it was at 69,000….and….virtual tumbleweeds and crows seem to be the only customers at my store today. Now I agree, virtual jewelry is not the biggest draw (as compared to say, virtual sex) but still I do occasionally get customers. I got to thinking – who are these 69000 people and where the heck are they? If you look at the map, you can see overcrowded welcome centers. About a week ago out of sheer curiosity I teleported to one. A quick and nosy scan of the surrounding profiles told me…a few noobies AND a surprising amount of older av’s. So I repeat – who are these 69000 people and where are they shopping? Anyone? Bueller?

Classy yet casual

You know what I really like? I like shirts on the jacket layer that are long. I hate, hate, hate when I get a really cool shirt and my belly is sticking out. I would never wear this in RL and I really don’t like it in SL either. Not to say I haven’t worn a cropped top, but it feels so summery and wrong this time of year. At a minimum, I really like to have the option of longer layers. I have these belts from Pixeldolls that are designed to fill the gap and can I just say – I need more. What would be ideal are some solid versatile pieces that could go with a lot. Why am I going on about this? Cause I just got back from shopping Sprawl, Pushbutton Skolnick’s new store! I picked out a great top and pants. The shirt is perfect and LONG! As in meets the top of my pants long. Say it after me now, ‘long is good.’ Oh and this shirt is perfect – a classic button up with a great pattern, called The Wire. I paired it with The Treble pants in wheat. The texture on these pants is fabulous. Oh I also discovered a style I never knew existed at ETD, (Sale.Cheap.Go NOW) Natasha. I think I’ve worn this hair for 3 days now! Truly this is an outfit I would wear in RL. Classic, comfortable, simple. The free pumps from Maitreya came at exactly the right time! Join the group! Oh the jewelry are mostly practical pieces from Dark Mouse – the Vibrant Beads in Moss and my Brown Pattern bangles.


Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Natasha – Strawberry Blackened – ETD

Skin – Lumine – Leaf Frex (Fresh Pack) Curio

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – DM Vibrant Color Beads and Earrings in Moss, Brown Pattern Mix and Match Bangles – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Outfit – The Wire Blouse – Bone and The Treble Pants – Wheat – Sprawl

Shoes – Group Gift Pumps – Tawny – Maitreya

Poses – Almost always – LAP

Loves Labours Lost

Ah romance. Buffy and Angel, Buffy and Riley, erm Buffy and Spike. Okay, huge Buffy fan here. True story. It was season 3 of Buffy. Our tv broke (seriously, it just died). It was Tuesday. I MADE my husband go immediately to the store at 6 p.m. in the evening and buy us a new TV. HA! There was no way I was missing Buffy. If Joss Whedon had kept making them I would have watched Buffy and Grandpa haha! I actually made a slayer belt in SL. One of the very first things I made as an ‘accessory.’ If you did the Hallloween hunt at Retrology, I had it set out as one of the pumpkin gifts! Cute belt, seriously – when I feel like kicking butt, I wear it. In any case I am a huge sap for romance. Farscape, John and Aeryn. I just about died when they did! I could not believe they canceled the series and wrote numerous nasty letters ;-). In any case, I made a romantic new necklace and earrings. Very romantic, if you’re looking for that perfect gifty something for the one you love. I’ve named it, “Loves Labours Lost.” A really lovely piece. The set comes in copper/ruby, gold/pearl and silver/onyx – AND – if you want to give a gift – I’ve got store cards now! Oh and the store cards are on sale right now – a $500L card will only cost you $250L! A $5000L card will only cost you $2500L and so on and so forth. Store card sale will be on till Monday!

Oh almost forget – click here to teleport directly to Dark Mouse Jewelry & Whimsical Creations!




playing with prims and other bedtime stories

Sooo, I put this outfit together as sort of a fluke. And since it mostly came as an outfit right outta the box, saying I put it together might be a bit of a stretch…I’ve been working at turtle pace feeling a bit, well uninspired. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping so off I went. I liked this sweater dress from Glam Couture, but confession time – I really ‘thought’ I bought it in beige or cream. I open up my inventory and lo and behold, it’s pink. The problem with pink for me is that in RL – I NEVER wear pink. This has deep psychological roots. As a child, I was blond haired and blue-eyed (later changing to dark blond with green eyes, later dyed to auburn haha!) and constantly forced by my mother to wear, you guessed it, PINK. So to discover that I accidentally bought a pink dress – egad. But I have been working on a new piece. The idea of the new piece was that I wanted something vintage (uh yeah), and longish, that would look good with sweater dresses that are all the rage! I’ve been looking at designs of traditional filigrees so I started playing with prims to see what I could come up with. I also wanted it to be kind of romantic, so I used a heart for the center. Finally I wanted to create a diamond that looked, for lack of a better word, twinkly. Since I am a romantic (I’ve named the piece, “Loves Labours Lost” if there are any oldish beauty and the beast fans out there) stuffing all those sweetish ideas into one piece takes a bit of time. I also need to make earrings, but I’ll get around to that. The end of this stream of consciousness is that the idea of this outfit, in short, is to show off a new necklace I made!

On a slightly different note, I wanted to touch ever so briefly on the recent comments on the fashion feed of bloggers being either too nice (rainbows and puppies), or too mean (justified or unjustified criticism). Basically, I think that we should all do what we feel. For me – the ability to create in SL is like a present that I continue to open up each day. I did not start off knowing how to use Photoshop (some may say I still don’t know how to use it HA), I have been practicing ‘building’ for almost 2 years now, and there are still some things I don’t know or don’t get. The photos I take of my products are always a trial for me, but I continually try to improve (I seriously did not know where ‘high resolution snapshot’ was for a depressingly long period of time). But the process of learning, the ability to express myself is priceless to me. I’ve not had that in my RL for a very long time, and it means a lot to me. Every single time someone buys something that I made – I’m thrilled! For whatever reason, something I did appealed to someone. Even if it’s only one person, it means a lot. Have I gotten criticism or suggestions on my work? You bet I have. And even when I hate it, even when I want to virtually kick the person who said it, I listen to it (Mouse, there’s too much red in your ads, or why not try making this texture change?). It’s unfortunately true that some designers may not be able to take criticism and may turn away from SL altogether, and that would be unfortunate. I encourage anyone who really loves the process of creating and learning to take the critique (whether it’s good or bad), keep the good – throw out the bad and keep on doing what you’re doing. If you really love it, then you can take whatever is thrown at you. Outfit credits after the picture.


Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Lydia – Strawberry Blackened – ETD

Skin – Lumine – Dew Frex (Basic Pack) Curio

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – DM Vintage Hoop Earrings from Tortoise Shell Bangles set and DM Love’s Labours Lost Necklace (not yet released) – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Outfit – Sweater Dress – Pink (Sweater, skirt, leggings, scarf) – Glam Couture

Shoes – Francois Flats – Grey – Shiny Things

Poses – Almost always – LAP

whaaa aut – or – it just don’t matter what this title is! HA!

Okay no secret I read the feed religiously, especially while I’m RL working…I’m usually refreshing it when my mind wanders. This happens a lot. I spotted GypsySoul on the feed and decided to drop by. Wow is all I can say. I bought one outfit – I always start out by trying just one – brought it back to the privacy of my skybox and tried it on. I love this outfit “Singular”and will return for more – what a great designer! Gimme more please. I paired it with my own boots and jewelry and chose some great new hair from Refuge (if you have not been to Refuge, please stop what you’re doing and go now). Anyway this is the look and I’m loving it. Credits are below the picture!


Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Blair – Light Auburn – Refuge

Skin – Lumine – Russet Frex (Intense Pack) Curio

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – Big 80’s Plaid Bangles and Earrings – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Outfit (Tank, Sweater, Jeans, Socks) – Singular – GypsySoul

Boots – Classic Riding Boots (Red) – Dark Mouse Jewelry – Dark Mouse Jewelry

Poses – Almost always – LAP

Sale over!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the random sale at Dark Mouse Jewelry is over. Thank you to everyone who stopped by! I also wanted to let everyone know that I have finished a series of low-prim prefab store fronts for sale. If you’re looking to start up a mall, and prims are at a premium then you may want to look at these – here’s a pic of one of the styles available and here’s a taxi to the store. The store fronts not only rez in one piece with no fooling around but are copy/mod so that you can customize to your needs.


New Store! New Releases! $1L Celebration Sale!

Yes, I’ve rebuilt my store! I have new releases!!! I’m having a one day RANDOM SALE to celebrate the end of a very long election in the US! I’ll have 15 items marked down to $1L on the walls of my main store in Taber ONLY, you just have to find them! I’ve separated my stores into two buildings – which works well and creates less confusion – and I love the new build – which I’m calling British Colonial Tropics. I have a new furniture release, the British Colonial Tropics Set. I have two new jewelry set releases – the Locked up and Points of Light sets. Neither set could truly be considered vintage, just things that I’ve been working on as a challenge to myself. I think each set is fun and unique! SALE starts NOW! Here’s your taxi to the store! Pictures of my new releases are below