Putting the Whimsy in Whimsical – New Releases at Dark Mouse

Ah Whimsy (no, not that one!). Whimsy as in whimsical. The holidays are upon us, literally, holding us down, forcing us into the dark place where whiny relatives and children lurk and wait in…..Oh erm sorry, I’m back now. In any case – it’s that time of year in the US! Time to get somethingContinue reading “Putting the Whimsy in Whimsical – New Releases at Dark Mouse”

Who are all these people and where the heck are they shopping?

Sooooo I hesitated to put this out there, but what the heck, I’m sitting on the floor in the Las Vegas International Airport next to the electrical outlet that I fought some business guy in a suit for and won, I ‘think’ my flight is late, and my butt is numb. I logged onto SLContinue reading “Who are all these people and where the heck are they shopping?”

playing with prims and other bedtime stories

Sooo, I put this outfit together as sort of a fluke. And since it mostly came as an outfit right outta the box, saying I put it together might be a bit of a stretch…I’ve been working at turtle pace feeling a bit, well uninspired. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping soContinue reading “playing with prims and other bedtime stories”

whaaa aut – or – it just don’t matter what this title is! HA!

Okay no secret I read the feed religiously, especially while I’m RL working…I’m usually refreshing it when my mind wanders. This happens a lot. I spotted GypsySoul on the feed and decided to drop by. Wow is all I can say. I bought one outfit – I always start out by trying just one –Continue reading “whaaa aut – or – it just don’t matter what this title is! HA!”

New Store! New Releases! $1L Celebration Sale!

Yes, I’ve rebuilt my store! I have new releases!!! I’m having a one day RANDOM SALE to celebrate the end of a very long election in the US! I’ll have 15 items marked down to $1L on the walls of my main store in Taber ONLY, you just have to find them! I’ve separated myContinue reading “New Store! New Releases! $1L Celebration Sale!”