Okay this may be a little crazy but….NEW STORE!

I’m rebuilding my store.  The intention is to separate my two brands, Whimsical Creations Prefab Homes and Furnishings and Dark Mouse Jewelry.  I also need more room to expand each brand.  I wanted a more unique and clean lined look for both stores and I’m going with a kind of British Colonial Tropical look.  Yes, that’s what I’m calling it, I don’t care!  I’ve completed building the new stores.  I plan to close down the stores at my main location in Taber for about 24 hours either this evening or tomorrow, maybe less if I can finish this quickly enough, but part of the problem is that I also will have to do some heavy duty terra-forming of the land, and it’s not my strong suit.  It will require me to remove everything!   In the meantime, if you would like to shop at Dark Mouse or Whimsical Creations, please visit anyone of my satelite stores.

Dark Mouse Jewelry at Amicitia

Dark Mouse Jewelry at Bricolage

Dark Mouse Jewelry at Juicy Boardwalk

Dark Mouse Jewelry at Retrologies

Here’s a pic of the new store ;-).   Empty of course, but not for long!


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