I’ve been working on this project for a bit. I’ve always got about a gadzillion ideas rolling around in my head at once, and the challenge is to finish one before I’m distracted by another! In RL I’m a vintage jewelry junky. I pretty much spend my free non SL® time trolling around antique shops for vintage stuff. Lately I’ve been interested in jewelry that is not only old, but looks, well, used. Tarnished. It led to this idea that I would like some jewelry pieces with semi-precious stones and tarnished metal. Of course, then I had to make textures to go with it. And then I had to futz with the stone textures for a while, as my first attempts at onyx were not to my satisfaction. Then of course I had to actually build the pieces. I wanted statement pieces, something I would wear myself if I were going out for a Christmas party or New Years Eve. I came up with this set – I’m calling it ‘Tarnished’ for obvious reasons ;-). Each set features a matching necklace, earrings, bracelets and cocktail ring. The necklace has a dropped pendant and the earrings have vintagey screwbacks. I’ve made sets in tarnished silver with lapis stone, tarnished gold and onyx and copper and red opal. I think these sets are unique and special…I really hope you do too! I’m doing something a little different with the sets this time round, you’ll be able to buy the pieces individually OR as a set at a reduced bargain price. You can get a closer view at my main store, here’s a slurl to teleport there directly!


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