Brown is just the best color in the world

Okay so I love brown. I especially love brown with blue or pink. While it’s not called brown…..I saw this Big Booty, Big Money Inside Dress in orange at the BBBM store in Retrology, and even though I swear – I am not a dress person – I had to have it. It’s awesome. Look at the skirt! It’s gorgeous, look at it! I paired it with a great freebie sweater in teal from Thimbles but I’m not sure it’s still available, and free teal tights from Shiny Things. I dug a pair of my favorite shoes out of my inventory, the Clomps in brown from Adam and Eve. My hair is ETD Bonita in Strawberry Burnt, which is another awesome freebie, my skin is Curio, Lumine Perse Frex. Poses by Lap and jewelry is my own Heart Charms from Dark Mouse Jewelry and the glasses are well, me ;-). OH! Why was I in Retrology – well I was getting my little shop there ready for the big Halloween Pumpkin Hunt that will be starting on Friday at midnight SLT. Don’t miss it!


One thought on “Brown is just the best color in the world

  1. They can call it orange, but it’s definitely brown. Brown is Nic’s fave too and while I sometimes feel like I’m pushing him toward colour i think you proved that a happy medium can be found! Brown + teal = win.

    Oh, and the skirt on that dress really is great. 😀

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