Pink Overload!

I’m feeling in the pink today, so I put together this outfit. ❤ Cupcakes. I was shopping last week (okay when I’m not shopping, I’m building lol), and succumbed to the charm of the Enchant Dress in pink. When I wanted to wear it, I could not find it in my inventory, so I ported over to Cupcakes to remind myself of the name and stumbled on to their hunt! Tp there now! I’ll confess I was thinking that I wanted something sweet to go with my own Dark Mouse Glowy Baubles Necklace and this was pretty much it. I settled on my Hailey hair (Dark Blond/white tip) from Tousled which I think I’m addicted to! I finished it off with the Dark Mouse Strappy Sandals that I contributed to the freebie table at the Juicy Del Mar sim for Juicy’s Birthday (all pink all the time!). My skin is Curio Fresh – Lumine Lavender Frex, poses are Lap!

I also wanted to take a minute to thank Miriel Enfield for all her hard work on the Jewelry Expo – it was a great event and I was honored to have my stuff sitting in with all the great jewelers of SL®. I was also really pleased that my auction contribution was bid on! Thank you to whomever purchased it! The expo ends today, so tp there now!


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