Dark Mouse at Jewelry Expo!

I’m thrilled to be participating in the Jewelry Expo – which is not just a great a opportunity to look at the best creations of the jewelers in Second Life®, it’s also an opportunity to help out a great charity, Heifer International. I’ve been making myself crazy working on it, as it’s my first expo. I’ll be participating in the auction (take pity on me, bid on the piece I made!!!). I made a lovely ring for the auction – it’s one of a kind – I’ll never sell it in the store or make it in a different color, etc. I’m calling it the Star of the Sea Ring. I also have a dead useful freebie in the booth – which you’ll only be able to get at the expo – my vibrant beads in pearl. And last but not least – there’s a treasure hunt at the expo…be on the lookout for a lovely set of bangles and hoop earrings – Sea Diamond Bangles and Earrings set! I’ve got some items on a charity table in the center of the booth – 50% of the proceeds will go to Heifer. Have fun – check out all the great jewelers and get some great stuff! Here’s a slurl to get there!


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