October Crawls in….Group Gifty

Ah there’s that little touch of crispness in the air where I live, that says – faah getta about it – you live in Northern California, where it’s still incredibly hot! I don’t wanna hear it (see evidence: picture) But a girl can dream. In the hopes that it will cool down eventually where I live – I’m putting out my group gifty a couple o’ days early. It’s in the spirit of the season, a creeping crawling kind of thingy for your neck! If you’re not a member of the group, touch any of the subscribe-o-matic thingies in any of my stores to become a member – bonus – you can still get the group gifty from the history! Here’s a tp to my store in Taber to get to you started!

Outfit creds – Skin, Curio Lumine Scene Frex (intense pack), Hair, Tousled Hailey Black, Glasses, Dark Mouse Catty Eye Sunglasses Black, Sweater, Maitreya Mirli Black, Pose, LAP.


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