October Crawls in….Group Gifty

Ah there’s that little touch of crispness in the air where I live, that says – faah getta about it – you live in Northern California, where it’s still incredibly hot! I don’t wanna hear it (see evidence: picture) But a girl can dream. In the hopes that it will cool down eventually where I live – I’m putting out my group gifty a couple o’ days early. It’s in the spirit of the season, a creeping crawling kind of thingy for your neck! If you’re not a member of the group, touch any of the subscribe-o-matic thingies in any of my stores to become a member – bonus – you can still get the group gifty from the history! Here’s a tp to my store in Taber to get to you started!

Outfit creds – Skin, Curio Lumine Scene Frex (intense pack), Hair, Tousled Hailey Black, Glasses, Dark Mouse Catty Eye Sunglasses Black, Sweater, Maitreya Mirli Black, Pose, LAP.


New Stuffs

I’ve got some lovely new stuff in the store – mainly favored pieces that I’ve been asked to do in different metals – check out modern aquamarine in Copper, simply yummy – really the bracelet cuffs in this set alone are stunning and would make a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Boot special in the Lucky chair is over – but – my boots are all reasonably priced at $150L a pop – come get a pair – Classic Riding Boots in red? VAVAVOOM! The big news is that I now have 4 satellite stores – OMG! In addition to my main store in Taber, I have branches in Bricolage, Retrology, Serendipity Isle and La Place des Artistes. Check them out!

Here’s the new stuffs – still frantically getting ready for the jewelry expo!

Where will I be October 5th to 11th?

Why at the 2008 Jewelry Expo, of course! You should be there too. It’s being organized by Miriel Enfield and will boast many of the best jewelry designers in SL®! I’m not ashamed to say I’m really excited about the Expo – it’s my first time participating in an Expo. I watched the excitement and stress of the hair fair from some of my friends who make hair, and was simultaneously jealous and grateful it wasn’t me! I put together this outfit around a new pair of bangles and earrings that I made for the jewelry expo – you’ll have to attend the expo to get these…..and, they might be a great deal! Other news about Dark Mouse is that I’ve opened a bunch of satellite branches. I’ll highlight the new locations in my next post! Outfit credits are below the picture.

Hair – (Elle) – DarkBlonde_BlackTip – Tousled

Skin – Lumine-Basic II Perse – Frex Curio

Tattoo – Fallen – *EtchD*

Eyes – Sour Apple (Normal White) – Chroma

Jewelry – Big 80’s bangles & earrings (Not yet released) – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Shirt – Wraith – Noir – PixelDolls

Bra – Basic Satin – Red – Second Wave Apparel

Jeans – Jester Jeans – Checkered – Tokeo.Plastik

Boots – DM Get to the point boots – red – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Poses – Almost always – LAP

The leaves are falling and new Fall release goodness is here!

So I’ve been working hard on new releases for fall – deep vibrant colors and metals to go with all your new lightwieght sweaters and dresses about to come on the market! I guess the theme of my new stuff could easily be called retro glamour. If you’re bored with the same old, same old, come have a look! If you’re short on lindens, I offer high quality at reasonable prices and my fatpack deals can’t be beat.

I’ve got two new sets of bangles with big matching hoop earrings (Gold Splashed and Modern Retro Bangles) and 4 new jewelry sets – Dripping Pearls – in gold, silver and copper (available in store), Retro Glamour in gold, silver and copper (in store), Vibrant Beads (in moss, brick and charcoal) and Heart Charms in gold, silver and copper. Here is a slurl to the store! See full color goodness pictures below – if you’re interested in a closer look at each of these pieces in all their lovely variety, the photoboards in the store feature close up looks of the different colors.

Also, I’ll be participating in the jewelry expo, keep an eye out for some exclusive freebies at the show!

Oh erm, I almost forgot. Sale.

Hmm. I’ve been slugging around so much, I almost forgot to blog this! I’m having a sale of discontinued items – that is, they’ll be discontinued after they are no longer on sale….hmmm. Anyways, 15 items, marked down to $10L. On the front wall in main store. Need to make way for some new fall items. Need to get off my butt and do some work! Here’s the slurl to the shop. Oh and there are some older pieces in new metals, check it out!