Getting Married?

Getting married? I did – it was a lovely SL ceremony involving emails sent back and forth between me and my longtime RL partner ;-).

Getting married? Well even if you’re not, you’d prolly be interested in taking a look at my lovely selection of pearl sets. All pearls, all the time! I just love pearls – and well I gots lots of them this week. A lovely brand new style called ‘Starry Pearls’ set in Gold, Silver and Copper.

I’ve also redone two of my other other popular pearl sets, the classic “Pearl Drop” set and ‘Swirls of Pearls’ set, in Gold, Silver and Copper.

Next up – a redesign of a popular sandal that I gave away as a freebie one week, the ‘Chunk Sandal.’ It features a a lovely leather in Black, Brown and Red with a metal strand holding it together. Looks great – but since summer is almost over, I’m putting all three sandals and colors out for $100L!

And finally – belts. I gots them, lots of them. I’ve decided to have a special SALE on them – 1/2 price on all belts. You get different color options in every pack. Originally a great deal at $100L – now an awesome deal at $50L.

The SALE is on at all my stores and ends on 8/26/08 at 5:00 p.m. SLT – here’s the slurl to the front door! And here is the newness!


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