Treasure Hunt, NEWness, Gifties….

Feeling a bit outta it?  Need a little excitement?  How about a treasure hunt, new releases and a Group gifty available for everyone!!!

Well in Bricolage from Friday, 8/8, 12 p.m. SLT to Sunday 8/10 7 p.m. SLT there is the ‘one av’s trash is another av’s treasure hunt!’  There will be garbage cans and treasure chests hidden all over the sim.  In the treasure chest, you are guaranteed to get, well, treasure!  In the trash can you’re gonna get, well hmmm, something maybe a bit on the funky side ;-).  Think ‘white elephant’ and what the heck you may LOVE it!  OMG what are you waiting for?  Get over there now!  Here’s your instant gratification teleport!

OH I also have new releases – I have some unusual stuff – my lots of holes belt (oh imagination, where are you hiding?) and a lovely set of bangles, called brown pattern bangles and beads (yes, even more original).  The belts are awesome and different.  You get two colors in each box for $100L.  Brown and Black or Red and Green.  The bangles are different too.  I made the bangles combined as beads and cuffs, or just cuffs, or just beads, so you get a lot of different looks for your bucks…How do you get there? Tp directly to Dark Mouse!

And last but not least – I went on vacation, put a present in the trusty subscribe o matic for my group, and low and behold the darn thing wasn’t working properly. Sooooo I put the August group gift out on the coffee table for EVERYONE to grab!

I’m also transitioning my stuff to new vendors that feature new metals, and new fatpacks specials (a 30% discount, such a deal!). Here’s a look at all the newish stuff.


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