Change is good, drama in lapis lazuli is better!

Change is inevitable. As it was a given that I would grow increasingly tired of my own freebies, causing me to make a crop of new ones (visit the shop or onrez/slex!!), it was also a given that I would grow tired of my sign boards. I have been for some time. I also finally decided to give in and start making my pieces in other metals – typically I’ve been doing silver or gold. So the good news is that I’ve redesigned my sign boards. The bad news is that I’ve redesigned my signboards, forcing me to go through the tedious process of updating everything in the shop. Since this will take some time, I’m going to do it gradually. I’m also going to update all of my pieces in Silver, Gold and Copper. So expect to find new stuff in the store as my older pieces become available in these new metals.

In the meantime this week, I have a new release! I call it Lapis Lazuli Drama. It’s a dramatic draped necklace with a beautiful lapis stone in either gold, silver or copper (see! change is good). It comes with a pair of stunning organic earrings and a beautiful cocktail ring. It came out quite lovely and is another statement piece.

Also – I’m still plugging along in the shoe department (funny how the world comes full circle, my first job in life was as a sales clerk in a shoe department). While I struggle with sculpties, and watch the feed for the lovely displays of shoe goodness and talent, I do continue to make shoes. Usually in a combination of sculpty and regular prims. I made a pair of chunky sandals, which I think are quite nice, and which I will probably re-texture into a variety of colors – but since I simply have no time this week, they will be my dollarbie of the week! The brown buckle chunk sandal can be had in my shop for one week for only one linden!

And finally, on the subject of change, I was sad to see that the Linden Lifestyles blog will be no more. When I first started playing SL®, it was the blog to read for fashion. I used to scan it daily, looking for where I should next spend my lindens. In many ways, it was responsible for my becoming a builder, as I realized I was going to need some money to start paying for my habit! Farewell Sabrina and Salome, you will be missed.

Here are my new releases – teleport directly to the store by clicking on this link.


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