Just get to the point, will you?

What? Snarky is it? Yes I am! I have boots this week. Lovely, sharp, painful, cruel shoes! I had to make these I don’t care how many rounded toes there be in the world. I made, ‘Get to the point Boots.” I decided to spare the feed and not post all colors, so stop by the store for a closeup!

Six colors, a record for me – Gold, Silver, Brown, Black, Purple and Red (um if you’re a purple fiend, you want these boots). Come pick them up, my god a fat pack is only $500L! Oh I made a pretty cool necklace too. The ‘Charming Charm’ necklace. It’s got stuff on it. Charms basically. It’s a great piece. Oh and I made it in gold and silver, as I’ve been lagging in the silver department lately.

Oh and I got sick of my freebies. I needed newness in the freebie department. Soooo I made a lovely pendant, the Fleur De Lis in Glass pendant. I likes it!

Please stop by and take a look. Here’s a slurl that will take you right to the store!


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