Not enough time in the day….

Okay, it’s official, I’ve taken on too much! Egad. Not only am I attempting to rebuild my store (OMG this will happen) but I’ve opened a new location at Bricolage, and now another, at Planet Mongo – I invite you to visit! Planet Mongo is a magnificent build, but low and behold, it will also be a shopping destination! New releases, I have a few ;-). At present they are only available at my main store in Taber and Bricolage locations. Oh and speaking of Bricolage, this is the only location where you’ll still discover my very popular ‘random sale’, to celebrate all those who are banned from anywhere – believe me, it’s for no good reason! It will officially end on July 6 at 5:00 p.m. SLT.

Sooo, my new releases this week include an elegant triple strand of pearls with a matching pearl clasp on the back (look good from both directions!). The set comes in white or black pearls, and just for fun, and cool skull pearl. I also have some wooden bangles with painted flowers and a lovely pink and brown squishy sofa (as in comfy). I hope you enjoy the newness. Expect the main store to be closed next week at some point, as I take on the rebuild!

You can use this link to teleport directly to Whimsical Creations!.


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