Change is good, drama in lapis lazuli is better!

Change is inevitable. As it was a given that I would grow increasingly tired of my own freebies, causing me to make a crop of new ones (visit the shop or onrez/slex!!), it was also a given that I would grow tired of my sign boards. I have been for some time. I also finallyContinue reading “Change is good, drama in lapis lazuli is better!”

Somethings are just too cool, they must be blogged

So, I’m really, really tired. Been working waaaay too much, in RL and SL. Building stuff. Participating in mod-vends to get a deal on cool outfits, you know the whole routine. I’m scanning the feed and see Beanie Cannings post on W&Y Hair. I’m struggling with a necklace I’m making and think, just go takeContinue reading “Somethings are just too cool, they must be blogged”

Grand Re-Opening at Dark Mouse & Whimsical Creations

YAY! I finished rebuilding the store! More space for new stuff, better layout, shark with fricken laser beams in the bay – what more could one ask for! And, I must say, I love it. Came out really exactly as I envisioned. All good things! To celebrate, I’ll have a lovely gifty bag at theContinue reading “Grand Re-Opening at Dark Mouse & Whimsical Creations”

Not enough time in the day….

Okay, it’s official, I’ve taken on too much! Egad. Not only am I attempting to rebuild my store (OMG this will happen) but I’ve opened a new location at Bricolage, and now another, at Planet Mongo – I invite you to visit! Planet Mongo is a magnificent build, but low and behold, it will alsoContinue reading “Not enough time in the day….”