Bones and Buckles, and a not so secret sale.

Oh where have I been? Vacation that’s where. 4 days in the Sierra Nevada mountains with no internet access. I read 5 books. Cause, well I hate to fish and I got a sunburn. Oh well! I did manage to pull a few things I’ve been working on together! A lovely set I’m calling Circle of Flowers, with a blue toned silver metal and blue green glass. Oh and some funky buckled bangles in the requisite black and in colors – Blues/Purples and Reds/Oranges. Oh and last but not least, my bone & silver cross necklace with matching earrings – it be funky too. Oh and what about this weeks freebie? Well – I have no idea, so I just randomly marked down stuff on the wall in my shop! You have to visit and look around to figure out what. Some stuff is $1L. Some stuff is 1/2 price. This includes everything, not just my accessories, I’m talking houses and furniture too! Sale will be on till Sunday evening, 5 p.m. SLT. After that I will be closing briefly sometime next week to complete a shop rebuild. Here’s a slurl to the shop!


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