Boots you can live in.

Hi there all – yes, it’s true. I made boots. Cause well, that’s my favorite shoe to have in SL® so that’s what I’ma makin. Once I figured out how to make boots. Oh and shoes. I had this long standing fear of making shoes, but well no longer – just a big wide adventure stretching out before me now! So what are these boots? Well in my neck of the woods, we call them ‘sh*t kickers.’ So um that’s what I called them! I made them so that you could wear just the low boots, or extend them to the knee – cause this is how I like to wear my boots. Anywho, it’s my new release this week – they can be had in black, brown, dark red or navy. Hope y’all like em. Oh and I do have a rather charming dollarbie this week. I’m calling it the ‘bone and silver’ cross necklace, and it’s FREE, one week only – next week it will cost ya! Pictures are below, here’s a slurl, to teleport directly to the store!


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