The China Syndrome

Okay, no, not that syndrome! Did I mention that I was in China last week ;-)? No? LOL – I was! Macau and Hong Kong to be exact. I loved Hong Kong – what a city! The food, the sights, the people, it was all wonderful, exciting, exotic. Oh except that I noticed that everyone dressed like we do in Northern California. So I felt right at home! I was very inspired by a lot of the things I saw there, but mainly, color. In my free time (okay, so in the time that I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night cause of the time zone) I made some things loosely based on the things I saw around me. They make up the bulk of my new releases this week.

Oh and a surprise. I finally overcame the fear factor and made a pair of shoes, well sandals actually. They are NOT sculpty (I’m sculpty challenged) but they are quite cute and best of all, I’ve decided to make them this week’s freebie! They are called the Colorful Flower Sandals. I will make more shoes, me thinks, as it was quite a bit of fun, the whole invisiprim (okay they suck) thing and all that.

I also made a colorful set of bangles, with of course, matching earrings called the Colorful Bangles and Beaded Hoops set that are not too matchy matchy. Oh and a new belt. The picture shows the Gold and Tortoiseshell version, but I included a black version in the box. Actually I do this with all my belts – the main color is in the picture, but bonus colors are included the box, such a deal! Last but not least, the totally Asian inspired, Lotus Flower and Bamboo Gold choker, earrings and bracelet – a delicate blend of east and west. I hope you like the new stuffs as much as I enjoyed making them!

Visit my store, Whimsical Creations for these items and more – here’s the SLURL so you can teleport directly to the store! Newness is pictured below.


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