Planet Mongo LIVES!

So after arriving home from my week long trip (YAY, love to be home!), I was immediately sent a tp to come visit the official opening of Planet Mongo, the fabulous new build by Lumiere Noir of Ivory Tower fame. The main build is finally complete, barring any last minute tweaking by Lumi (perfectionist) Noir. I visited the party, held in the Stardust Ballroom, and snapped a couple of shots of the elusive Mr. Noir dancing the night away!

I also got a few shots of ms. arrow, prior to hearing complaints of papparazzi….

Then I snuck away from the festivities to snoop out the cool new build. The build currently houses Lumi’s shop featuring all his really cool vehicles and other items, it also has a unique furniture store by Red Randt, and a lovely Genie Bottle building designed for Avi Arrow, where someday, she’ll sell the stuff she builds *cough*.

In the near future, the build will feature a shopping mall, and will become a venue for out of this world events.

Arriving in the teleport center, I was greeted by a variety of teleport devices that would take me to a variety of areas, including the different shops but also – the forbidden planet surface! Anything with the word ‘forbidden’ in it is an immediate eye catcher for me, so off I went…

Oooooohhh, in the middle of nowhere! Okies, so crashed vehicles, forbidden surface, plenty of stuff to explore here!

I returned to the station, went to the vehicle area and noticed something, OMG – some of these vehicles are FREE! A space ship built by Lumiere Noir for FREE? OMG – I quickly started grabbing them for later playing, erm, testing.

What! A girl can’t belly dance? Tee hee…me in the Stardust Ballroom. Hey! Visit Planet Mongo today! I think it would make a wonderful location for a photo shoot!

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