Le Sigh.. and, Tortoise Shell Overload…

I remember when I first started in SL (late Dec of 2006) – it was like the wild wild west. I could make and sell ANYTHING (I won’t mention how that shames me now). However the truth is that times are changing. Not only is there a recession in the US, which causes people to slow down on their discretionary spending, but there is stiffer competition too. The amount of talented new designers (a group I humbly wish to be a part of) on Fashcon shows that.

I wanted however to comment on something that I’ve seen occurring a lot lately on blogs. I’ve been seeing EXCELLENT and TALENTED designers saying that they think that people don’t like them anymore – or that their designs suck. And I want to encourage all of these designers to HANG IN THERE! It is not you, nor do you suck. Yes, sales are down, and I think everyone is suffering.

It really helps small designers and businesses like mine when we are blogged, so I wanted to throw out a THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Sasy Scarborough for her lovely comments on my stuff. Whenever anyone comments on my work, it gives me a boost and makes me feel inspired to create more. So to all bloggers out there – keep recognizing the little folks along with the biggies!

Anywho, I still love putting outfits together and I put this outfit together which I LURVE! Hope you like it too. I, um, made the belt because I couldn’t find quite what I wanted. Credits are below.

Hair – Eva – Strawberry Blackened ETD

Skin – Nutmeg – Cerise Freckled LF CHAI Skin

All Accessories (Shameless Plug) – DM Catty Eye Sunglasses Black, Vintage Tortoiseshell Bangles, Tortoiseshell Beads and matching hoop earrings, Tortoise and Gold Belt (not yet released) Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Tattoo – *PBI* the Prophecy (back) (faded) – Pushbutton Industries

Shirt – *Thimbles* Dollinger Black Tee Tank – Thimbles At the Starlust

Pants – Silk Pants-Gold with Black Fleur (on sale!!!!) – Second Wave Apparel

Shoes – AC Serenity Black = Aphrodite Creations

Poses – Almost Always from – Long Awkward Pose (LAP)


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