New Dark Mouse Location – And, a sale, continued!

I’m pleased to announce that I’m opening a second store location at the new Bricolage sim! I’ll be there with a bunch of cool vendors like Haedon Quine with her new hair store, Tousled, Pushbutton Industries, Electric Jane, Chroma, EarthStones, and Smersh. There’s also a cool skate park and the teleport landing features a huge working clock – which is, for some reason, strangely fun to sit on! I hope you come visit, but as an extra added incentive, I’ve decided to extend my random sale (as in items on the wall randomly marked down to $1L and furniture and houses marked to 1/2 price) till Friday, June 30! There are also various freebies available in all the shops, including mine! So now you can visit Bricolage and grab these sale items too! Don’t ya just love one stop shopping!


Bones and Buckles, and a not so secret sale.

Oh where have I been? Vacation that’s where. 4 days in the Sierra Nevada mountains with no internet access. I read 5 books. Cause, well I hate to fish and I got a sunburn. Oh well! I did manage to pull a few things I’ve been working on together! A lovely set I’m calling Circle of Flowers, with a blue toned silver metal and blue green glass. Oh and some funky buckled bangles in the requisite black and in colors – Blues/Purples and Reds/Oranges. Oh and last but not least, my bone & silver cross necklace with matching earrings – it be funky too. Oh and what about this weeks freebie? Well – I have no idea, so I just randomly marked down stuff on the wall in my shop! You have to visit and look around to figure out what. Some stuff is $1L. Some stuff is 1/2 price. This includes everything, not just my accessories, I’m talking houses and furniture too! Sale will be on till Sunday evening, 5 p.m. SLT. After that I will be closing briefly sometime next week to complete a shop rebuild. Here’s a slurl to the shop!

Boots you can live in.

Hi there all – yes, it’s true. I made boots. Cause well, that’s my favorite shoe to have in SL® so that’s what I’ma makin. Once I figured out how to make boots. Oh and shoes. I had this long standing fear of making shoes, but well no longer – just a big wide adventure stretching out before me now! So what are these boots? Well in my neck of the woods, we call them ‘sh*t kickers.’ So um that’s what I called them! I made them so that you could wear just the low boots, or extend them to the knee – cause this is how I like to wear my boots. Anywho, it’s my new release this week – they can be had in black, brown, dark red or navy. Hope y’all like em. Oh and I do have a rather charming dollarbie this week. I’m calling it the ‘bone and silver’ cross necklace, and it’s FREE, one week only – next week it will cost ya! Pictures are below, here’s a slurl, to teleport directly to the store!

Dark Mouse

In the early days of my accessory business, I had decided I would make weapons and ‘dangerous’ items – sort of the dark side….hmmmm. Then I started making stuff and it turned out that was not what was in my imagination. Or if it was I couldn’t think of anything at all that had not already been done! But I liked the name, Dark Mouse – so here I am with a brand of whimsical and light jewelry and accessories called Dark Mouse. LMAO.

I do love dressing up dark though. When my friend Vox Repine released his line of 3d rendered skins, I had to get into the mood for battle right away, so I started digging through my inventory – and was amazed by the array of weaponry I possessed. For self-defense purposes only, of course….oh the belt is my own, ‘croc hunter belt’ but I modded it to work better with the outfit. I threw a copy of the modded belt in with the other croc hunter belts versions, so you can get all three for $100L. Oh and yes, the boots are mens, Gutterblood Spoonhammer – I don’t care I love these boots!

Vox’s fantasy skin shop, Chroma, can be found in the historic sim of Clementina. It’s a lovely and dramatic skin, I’m wearing the ‘dark elves (high-born) celestial cerulean’. There are a variety of skin tone choices in the dark elf series, in addition to a few other choices (silver and heatray).

I needed an equally dramatic backdrop for these photos, so I visited Lava Falls. You can purchase these skins by teleporting directly to Chroma. Credits for the outfit are below the pictures.

Outfit Credits from top to bottom

Hair – Jordan Twilight – Exile

Skin – dark elves (high-born) celestial cerulean – Chroma

Lashes – Lashes – Vogue – Celestial Studios

Tattoo – Rage – Etchd

Jewelry – DM True Silver Cross & Earrings – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Armband – Akihoka rope armband with small dagger – Uma Sellery is the maker, I got this free a long, long time ago and can not locate an inworld store.

Shirt – DA Alice in W’ Free Alice Shirt – Dreaming Alice

Belt – Modded Croc Hunter Belt – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Pants – Isabeax Leather Pants [Black] – LF Fashions

Book – Leg Diary – Brogear

Stake – :::NN::: Mr. Pointy – :::Naranetics::: @ Whedoncity

Boots – vincent boot – GutterBlood Spoonhammer

Poses – Almost always – LAP

The China Syndrome

Okay, no, not that syndrome! Did I mention that I was in China last week ;-)? No? LOL – I was! Macau and Hong Kong to be exact. I loved Hong Kong – what a city! The food, the sights, the people, it was all wonderful, exciting, exotic. Oh except that I noticed that everyone dressed like we do in Northern California. So I felt right at home! I was very inspired by a lot of the things I saw there, but mainly, color. In my free time (okay, so in the time that I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night cause of the time zone) I made some things loosely based on the things I saw around me. They make up the bulk of my new releases this week.

Oh and a surprise. I finally overcame the fear factor and made a pair of shoes, well sandals actually. They are NOT sculpty (I’m sculpty challenged) but they are quite cute and best of all, I’ve decided to make them this week’s freebie! They are called the Colorful Flower Sandals. I will make more shoes, me thinks, as it was quite a bit of fun, the whole invisiprim (okay they suck) thing and all that.

I also made a colorful set of bangles, with of course, matching earrings called the Colorful Bangles and Beaded Hoops set that are not too matchy matchy. Oh and a new belt. The picture shows the Gold and Tortoiseshell version, but I included a black version in the box. Actually I do this with all my belts – the main color is in the picture, but bonus colors are included the box, such a deal! Last but not least, the totally Asian inspired, Lotus Flower and Bamboo Gold choker, earrings and bracelet – a delicate blend of east and west. I hope you like the new stuffs as much as I enjoyed making them!

Visit my store, Whimsical Creations for these items and more – here’s the SLURL so you can teleport directly to the store! Newness is pictured below.

Planet Mongo LIVES!

So after arriving home from my week long trip (YAY, love to be home!), I was immediately sent a tp to come visit the official opening of Planet Mongo, the fabulous new build by Lumiere Noir of Ivory Tower fame. The main build is finally complete, barring any last minute tweaking by Lumi (perfectionist) Noir. I visited the party, held in the Stardust Ballroom, and snapped a couple of shots of the elusive Mr. Noir dancing the night away!

I also got a few shots of ms. arrow, prior to hearing complaints of papparazzi….

Then I snuck away from the festivities to snoop out the cool new build. The build currently houses Lumi’s shop featuring all his really cool vehicles and other items, it also has a unique furniture store by Red Randt, and a lovely Genie Bottle building designed for Avi Arrow, where someday, she’ll sell the stuff she builds *cough*.

In the near future, the build will feature a shopping mall, and will become a venue for out of this world events.

Arriving in the teleport center, I was greeted by a variety of teleport devices that would take me to a variety of areas, including the different shops but also – the forbidden planet surface! Anything with the word ‘forbidden’ in it is an immediate eye catcher for me, so off I went…

Oooooohhh, in the middle of nowhere! Okies, so crashed vehicles, forbidden surface, plenty of stuff to explore here!

I returned to the station, went to the vehicle area and noticed something, OMG – some of these vehicles are FREE! A space ship built by Lumiere Noir for FREE? OMG – I quickly started grabbing them for later playing, erm, testing.

What! A girl can’t belly dance? Tee hee…me in the Stardust Ballroom. Hey! Visit Planet Mongo today! I think it would make a wonderful location for a photo shoot!

Le Sigh.. and, Tortoise Shell Overload…

I remember when I first started in SL (late Dec of 2006) – it was like the wild wild west. I could make and sell ANYTHING (I won’t mention how that shames me now). However the truth is that times are changing. Not only is there a recession in the US, which causes people to slow down on their discretionary spending, but there is stiffer competition too. The amount of talented new designers (a group I humbly wish to be a part of) on Fashcon shows that.

I wanted however to comment on something that I’ve seen occurring a lot lately on blogs. I’ve been seeing EXCELLENT and TALENTED designers saying that they think that people don’t like them anymore – or that their designs suck. And I want to encourage all of these designers to HANG IN THERE! It is not you, nor do you suck. Yes, sales are down, and I think everyone is suffering.

It really helps small designers and businesses like mine when we are blogged, so I wanted to throw out a THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Sasy Scarborough for her lovely comments on my stuff. Whenever anyone comments on my work, it gives me a boost and makes me feel inspired to create more. So to all bloggers out there – keep recognizing the little folks along with the biggies!

Anywho, I still love putting outfits together and I put this outfit together which I LURVE! Hope you like it too. I, um, made the belt because I couldn’t find quite what I wanted. Credits are below.

Hair – Eva – Strawberry Blackened ETD

Skin – Nutmeg – Cerise Freckled LF CHAI Skin

All Accessories (Shameless Plug) – DM Catty Eye Sunglasses Black, Vintage Tortoiseshell Bangles, Tortoiseshell Beads and matching hoop earrings, Tortoise and Gold Belt (not yet released) Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Tattoo – *PBI* the Prophecy (back) (faded) – Pushbutton Industries

Shirt – *Thimbles* Dollinger Black Tee Tank – Thimbles At the Starlust

Pants – Silk Pants-Gold with Black Fleur (on sale!!!!) – Second Wave Apparel

Shoes – AC Serenity Black = Aphrodite Creations

Poses – Almost Always from – Long Awkward Pose (LAP)

Delicate Flowers and Dancing Bangles

Oh yes, it’s that time o’ the week. It be new release time! And sometimes, less is more. I have a super delicate set, appropriately named, the Aquamarine Delicate Flower Set. This set features a soft but bright aquamarine stone set in a deep silver. The design is non-traditional, but interesting. This is one with tiny prims to focus in on. The set is comprised of a pendant necklace on a silver chain, matching earrings that are not too matchy, and a set of bracelets to round out the set. I also made a lovely cocktail ring to match this set – a large aquamarine stone set in diamonds. The best news about the ring? It’s this weeks freebie! My group members will get it sent directly to their inventories! Everyone else will have to stop by the store to pick it up. Join my group! The benefits are endless!!!

I also made a set of bangles, which appear to be the new black. These are shiny, large and silver with a blue cast to them. There is a set for each arm, and I made a great pair of big hoop earrings to match. I’d pair these pieces with a bright, short red dress and go out dancing!

Visit my store, Whimsical Creations for these items and more – here’s the SLURL so you can teleport directly to the store! Newness is pictured below.

Baby Blues

Okay, no I’m not having a baby. I’m having a baby doll! I saw this babydoll from Fetch Alternative on the feed and HAD to have. Talk about adorable and it’s blue and brown OMG my favorite colors. I’ve been working on a piece that’s almost done that I thought would look really nice with it, as it’s delicate and the top has a delicate feel to it too. There’s a sneak preview of the new piece in the photo – hopefully I’ll be able to release next week. As always, credits are below the picture.

Hair – Deidre – Strawberry Blackened ETD

Skin – Nutmeg – Trinity LF CHAI Skin

Glasses – DM Catty Eye Sunglasses Black Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Tattoo – Wired Garden – Garden of Ku

Jewelry – DM Aquamarine Delicate Flower Necklace, Silver Bangles and Hoop Earrings – Not yet released (SORRY!) Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Shirt – Blue & Grey Babydoll – Shirt (White) – Fetch Alternative

Pants – Uber Dark Jeans Plain – Last Call (No longer available)

Shoes – TK Boots Black = TK Shoes

Manicure – Pewter – Skin Within

Poses – Almost Always from – Long Awkward Pose (LAP)