New Dark Mouse Location – And, a sale, continued!

I’m pleased to announce that I’m opening a second store location at the new Bricolage sim! I’ll be there with a bunch of cool vendors like Haedon Quine with her new hair store, Tousled, Pushbutton Industries, Electric Jane, Chroma, EarthStones, and Smersh. There’s also a cool skate park and the teleport landing features a hugeContinue reading “New Dark Mouse Location – And, a sale, continued!”

Bones and Buckles, and a not so secret sale.

Oh where have I been? Vacation that’s where. 4 days in the Sierra Nevada mountains with no internet access. I read 5 books. Cause, well I hate to fish and I got a sunburn. Oh well! I did manage to pull a few things I’ve been working on together! A lovely set I’m calling CircleContinue reading “Bones and Buckles, and a not so secret sale.”

Le Sigh.. and, Tortoise Shell Overload…

I remember when I first started in SL (late Dec of 2006) – it was like the wild wild west. I could make and sell ANYTHING (I won’t mention how that shames me now). However the truth is that times are changing. Not only is there a recession in the US, which causes people toContinue reading “Le Sigh.. and, Tortoise Shell Overload…”

Delicate Flowers and Dancing Bangles

Oh yes, it’s that time o’ the week. It be new release time! And sometimes, less is more. I have a super delicate set, appropriately named, the Aquamarine Delicate Flower Set. This set features a soft but bright aquamarine stone set in a deep silver. The design is non-traditional, but interesting. This is one withContinue reading “Delicate Flowers and Dancing Bangles”