Black Jewels, Limited Edition and an AO HUD sale.

I’ve got some lovely new releases this week. I was in a frilly sort of mood, especially after seeing the beautiful period gowns scroll by me on the feed! I had little time to spend in Second Life™ this week, as my first life took precedence. I’m in a heavy travel period, and just got back from Las Vegas, my second home. Next week, I’m off to China – I anticipate coming back with some great ideas for new accessories, but believe my internet access may be limited! If you have a customer service related question – please send me a notecard and be patient!

In any case, this week, I have some great jewelry with an emphasis on black in the design. My series of necklaces, that I’m calling, Black Sapphire in Gold, Black Emerald in Silver and Black Garnet in Copper, feature gems that have a natural stone feel to them, streaked with black. I also have a lovely necklace featuring all black stones, onyx and black diamonds, that I’m calling Black Flower. I really hope you like them!

Ah what to do about a freebie? After the OVERWHELMING success of my Lagalicious Fashionista belt last week, I can hardly think of a good follow up. Last week, I gave away OVER 700 belts. I’ve seen them on a lot of waists and websites! I have to tell you, nothing thrills me more than seeing something I built on another avatar. I’m so happy that everyone liked the piece!

So this week, I’ll have two special deals! The first will be a LIMITED EDITION Black Jewels Bracelet set which matches any and all of the Black Jewel Necklace and Earrings sets for FREE! After 1 week, the bracelet set will cost $100L, so get it quickly! After 1 month, it will be taken off sale FOREVER!

The second deal – I’ve decide to stop selling my AO starter packs. A long time ago I was really into animations, but there are so many people out there doing it better! And its just not my forte. I have 6 Animation Override (AO) starter packs, each featuring a different ‘style’ The poses are a mixture of a few I made myself and the common default poses. I made them originally for newbies – I recall bitterly spending $800L on an AO with like 6 poses in it cause I couldn’t figure out how to make my own and I ended up hating it! So I made up these copy/modify AO HUD’s with the intention of allowing a newbie to just wear and go, but also to more easily figure out how to use and add to an AO without the steep entry price. My AO starter packs feature A LOT of poses and are normally priced at $25L each. I’m setting them all to $1L. You can buy one, add in and change out poses once you figure out how the darn thing works – all the while not looking like a complete noob! There is, Girl Next Door, Guy Next Door, Show-Off, Dance Club, Slave Girl (with bonus silks included ☺) and Super Model! After a week, they will be gone, so grab all six if you want now! They all use the Zhao II HUD.

That’s it for this week, as always, you can find all my stuff for sale at my store, Whimsical Creations – here’s the SLURL so you can teleport directly to the store! See my new releases below.


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