Art Galerie de Souza

One of the most lovely things about the Ivory Tower in Natoma, and the surrounding sims, is that the area is a magnet for the new and the different in SL™. Considering that Natoma is an historic sim, it seems that everything should be old. But it’s not, as the Ivory Tower attracts the people who are typically the most curious about what to DO in SL! If you cam out just a bit from the Ivory Tower, you’ll spy my humble abode, Whimsical Creations in Taber, keep going you’ll see the Taber Windmill, a build that is from around February of 2004. Keep going (turn that draw distance UP!) and you’ll see Zoe, and a lone picnic table, surrounded by a sandbox. Tumble Arrow in Zoe is the home of my good friend, Avi Arrow.

On any given day in SL, you’ll see a wide variety of people come and go from this particular picnic table. Tumble Arrow is a place where a lot of newbies end up, asking Avi for help and advice on any number of subjects, from building to advice, well, about life in general. These newbies go on to become the great builders and artists in SL.

It was at this place that I first met souza Subagja. After a short while, I realized that souza liked Tumble Arrow and was becoming a regular. One day I arrived in Tumble Arrow to find myself surrounded by an extravagant circus. Bright red wood, canvas tents and colorful diamond awning abounded! Tigers seemed to be loose on the grounds! And there was souza in the middle, wearing a top hat and carrying a baton, LOL. She had built the whole thing!

I chatted with souza and learned that her main project in SL was to open her own gallery where she would showcase her RL art. Which is fabulous, and varied. souza told me that she studied ceramics in england and later in holland. She then started to paint, and develop her own style and technique, which she says is a continuous process. She loves being able to create things in her mind that can be anything, and she’s always finding new things to learn in SL (does this sound familiar?).

I asked her which of her pieces she likes best and she told me that it was hard to say, usually the one that she is working on. However the momentum from that piece usually brings her to the next.

Please don’t take my word for it, souza’s art is wonderful and unique. I encourage you to visit her gallery in Clementina (yes, another historic sim in SL). Visit Art Galerie de Souza by clicking here!


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