Lagalicious Fashionista Belt, and well, other fun stuff.

Ah what a week. Sooooo I made this belt a while ago, I mean like all the pieces and stuffs. A total exercise in fun. I’ve been picking at it for while, messing with this and that. Then I thought, I really should do something with it, I wonder if anyone would think it’d be fun to wear ;-). Why call it lagalicious fashionista? Cause it’s a ton o’ prims that’s why!!! Well it probably could be less. Also, it contains all the things a fashionista needs, well except more lindens… But if you’re looking to significantly ‘up’ your ARC score, at 199 prims, well this is the belt for you!

Oh and the really fun part about this belt? It’s this week’s freebie! That’s right, for one week ONLY this belt be FREE, FREE, FREE. After that, you’ll have to be a member of my update group to get it for free….search on, Whimsical Creations & DM Updates, and join for free ;-). Get other free stuff too!

Of course I made some other really swell stuff this week. I really LOVE the victorian choker I made. So much so I decided it needed to be done in Gold and Pearls. And so it is. See below for pictures of it in gold and silver.

In the course of the week, I also made some CRAZY earrings. My little girl says to me, jeez what’s with all the old folks stuff (teenager talk for ‘vintage’)? Why don’t you make these! (imagine image from Teen Vogue magazine here) My ‘Lissie’ earrings are loosely based on some that I saw in the magazine ;-). The coral and shell textures are really cool. The necklace to go with is a lovely and simple ‘Abstract Heart’ necklace that resembles the one my daughter gave me when she became a part of my life and family. So the whole thing is ‘Lissie’s Set.’

And of course, because I could not resist ‘vintage’ for long, I made some bangles, specifically tortoise shell and diamond bangles, with HUGE diamond earrings to match. Lovely combo.

As always, all this stuff can be found at my store, Whimsical Creations. Stop by and say hi!


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