Going Goth, or Victorian, or just having fun.

One of the things I love MOST about SL™ is the ability to change your look to whatever you wish! At the same time, I love being able to build things that strike my fancy. I adore all things vintage, as you’ve probably seen from the absolutely lovely story that Thalia Jie did about me on the Faces blog (THANK YOU!). Any how, I love the Victorian era, all things Victorian and probably would live in Caledon if I could see my way to renting land….So I started this necklace and felt the inspiration flowing back after feeling a bit fed-up with SL due to all the borkedness of late. I love this necklace, so I’m releasing it NOW. You can find it in my shop, Whimsical Creations, on the new releases wall. It also inspired me to dig through my inventory to see what I had to create a sort of goth/victorian look, and what was really interesting was that the outfit I put together was mostly freebies! Ah serendipity. Credits from top to bottom are after the picture!

Hair – Bonita – Black ETD

Skin – Cream – Indigo Freckle LF CHAI Skin

Tattoo – Grumpy Skull Tatt Bryce

Necklace/Earrings – Vintage Victorian Set Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Outfit – Helene – Black PixelDolls

Boots – la venetian The Laughing Academy


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