Working hard, or hardly working….

Well, I’ve spent the whole week (and I do mean ‘spent’) shopping instead of building. Suffering from serious builder’s block. I managed to finish some things, but honestly they were things I was working on already, prior to the lack of inspiration rushing in. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve spent the last year learning to use Photoshop, and something tells me, I need a few more years, LOL. My friend Avi tells me that you really never learn it all. I struggled all week with building, so I decided to focus on improving some textures, and seeing if I could get the look I was going for with new ones. Metal is a difficult texture to mimic. I’ve created a new one to mimic marcasite, one of my all time fav’s. My RL hubby, before he was my hubby ;-), used to shop at this little vintage jewelry shop next to his store in San Francisco. He’d pick up little pins and earrings and such for me, and I loved them all. I have a lovely vintage pin in the shape of a jaguar (no, I didn’t build this, just not possible for me at the moment!). I did however make a really cool marcasite and diamond pendant necklace, and some earrings to match. Then I made some bangles with big hoop earrings, again, focusing on textures and seeing the effects that I could get. And last week, prior to builder’s block setting in and sending me on an SL shopping spree, I did a lovely vintage ‘art deco’ inspired pendant necklace with matching earrings. Oh and also finished last week is a lovely necklace to match my mini chandelier earring that I had free last week. I’ve decided that the matching necklace with earrings will be my freebie this week, since I hate ‘creating’ something purposely to ‘be’ a freebie. It seems we are a freebie SL these days. I recall when I first started playing SL (back in the day, lived in a shoebox, walked to natoma through ten miles of snow and all that), it was really rare to get freebies, and actually, something of an occasion – in some ways, this made getting a nice freebie really special. I hope everyone who grabs one knows that I’m not putting junk out there, this is a nice freebie that will be full price next week. Not that I’m complaining (much) since I just scored the beautiful new Chai skin from Laura Fauna (Indigo) which I’ve not taken off since, I’m so in love with it. Here is the newness. Please stop by the shop and take a look, or just sit on the beach and stare at the ocean.

Here is the slurl to my store, Whimsical Creations.


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