I just don’t think I can be more whimsical.

I’m really hoping that those who read my blog will take the time to stop by the shop this week. I’ve created some new pieces that I’m particularly proud of. The jewelry has a whimsical quality to it – okay so most of my stuff has a whimsical quality to it (note to self, must make some skulls and barbed wire stuff asap) – I’ve got three new releases and one freebie.

Lately I’ve been focused on the combination of colors in my jewelry pieces – I’m really not offering them in a myriad of different metals, because usually the metals I’ve chosen are what I believe to be most complimentary to the colors of the gems.

This week I have my ‘Caught in Amber’ necklace and matching earrings set – only $100L is a very distinctive piece. Reminiscent of a butterfly, it features amber and onyx textures along with a deep silver that I feel turned out well from conception to creation. I love amber, it’s one of my favorite stones. I’ve also made a lovely ‘Vintage Pearl’ pendant, in antique gold that would look lovely with a wedding ensemble (but could definitely go casual with the right look). There are earrings and bracelet to match the pendant. I also made some cute hoop earrings and a beaded necklace, I’m calling ‘Silver Curves’ – I confess the hoop earrings design is inspired by my kids issue of teen Vogue LOL. And finally, I’ve been working on a new design but I don’t have the full set this week, only a pair of earrings inspired by my love of jade and all things pretty and delicate. I made a pair of ‘Jade and Gold Mini Chandelier Earrings’, which for one week only, will be available FAH-REE in my shop. Please stop by and grab a pair! I will make these part of a set for sale next week, so come by soon.

While you’re in the shop, take a look at my fabulous collection of prefab homes, and low prim furniture. I’ve been working on a new piece of furniture, a ‘cuddle’ bed of sorts, it will feature multiple animations in a cool new way to look at and use animations! I hope to have it ready for sale sometime next week.

Here is the slurl to my store, Whimsical Creations.


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