Newness! Fun, sun-shiny bright bangles for summer!

So, I’ve been working on textures again, always trying to improve the product! This week I created a couple of sets of bangles, Purple, Orange and Blue Flower White Enamel bracelets and Purple, Orange and Blue Flower Gold Enamel bracelets. You get each color bracelet for both arms in one pack for $100L. That’s 6 bracelets in each set for $100L, quite the bargain. However – my group members will get an even bigger bargain. I’m putting a FREE set of the Flower White Enamel bracelets into the good ole subscribe o’ matic. So join my group to get your freebie this week, it’s an easy subscribe o’ matic group.

I also completed a fun Coral Butterfly set, with a lovely gold embossed butterfly pendant, cool matching beaded hoop earrings and bracelets to go with that! And finally, I worked on a lovely retro kind of look, I’m calling Silver with Aquamarine – a gorgeous necklace, earrings and bracelets for both arms set. Oh – and if you’re still interested in picking up my AO’s I’ve placed them ALL in the Whimsical Newbie Kit, which btw, contains a bunch of other fun stuff and helpful information too! And last but not least, I’ve built a new furniture set I’m calling Olive Silk, stop by the store to see it on display!

That’s it for this week, as always, you can find all my stuff for sale at my store, Whimsical Creations – here’s the SLURL so you can teleport directly to the store! Newness is pictured below.


School’s out for summer.

So I’m uber distracted lately and unable to concentrate on RL! Gee – wonder why? It’s hot, the kids will be out of school soon and SL® provides way too much of a distraction. Heck when I needed a break from work for mindless entertainment, I used to play solitaire. Now I play SL, not as mindless, I’m afraid. In any case I put this outfit together today, sort of around the free gold pants from Kunglers Designs. Then I couldn’t figure out what to wear from a jewelry perspective, so erm, I made something that works for me. I don’t know what to call this outfit, but heck, I like. Credits below the picture.

Hair – Starley II – Cinnamon ETD

Skin – Nutmeg – Peaches Freckle LF CHAI Skin

Tattoo – Butterfly Tattoo – *Girlie*

Necklace – DM Coral Flower and Bead Necklace – Not yet released (SORRY!) Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Lace Undershirt – Naive (Antique) PixelDolls

Shirt – Suave blouse (White) – Winter Moon

Corset – Underbust Corset – Glitter Black – ROSEMAR

Belt – DM Mother of Pearl Belt Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Pants – Gold Pants – Kunglers Designs

Shoes – AC Vintage Shoes = Aphrodite Creations

Manicure – Coffee Bean – Adam and Eve

Poses – Almost Always from – Long Awkward Pose (LAP)

Black Jewels, Limited Edition and an AO HUD sale.

I’ve got some lovely new releases this week. I was in a frilly sort of mood, especially after seeing the beautiful period gowns scroll by me on the feed! I had little time to spend in Second Life™ this week, as my first life took precedence. I’m in a heavy travel period, and just got back from Las Vegas, my second home. Next week, I’m off to China – I anticipate coming back with some great ideas for new accessories, but believe my internet access may be limited! If you have a customer service related question – please send me a notecard and be patient!

In any case, this week, I have some great jewelry with an emphasis on black in the design. My series of necklaces, that I’m calling, Black Sapphire in Gold, Black Emerald in Silver and Black Garnet in Copper, feature gems that have a natural stone feel to them, streaked with black. I also have a lovely necklace featuring all black stones, onyx and black diamonds, that I’m calling Black Flower. I really hope you like them!

Ah what to do about a freebie? After the OVERWHELMING success of my Lagalicious Fashionista belt last week, I can hardly think of a good follow up. Last week, I gave away OVER 700 belts. I’ve seen them on a lot of waists and websites! I have to tell you, nothing thrills me more than seeing something I built on another avatar. I’m so happy that everyone liked the piece!

So this week, I’ll have two special deals! The first will be a LIMITED EDITION Black Jewels Bracelet set which matches any and all of the Black Jewel Necklace and Earrings sets for FREE! After 1 week, the bracelet set will cost $100L, so get it quickly! After 1 month, it will be taken off sale FOREVER!

The second deal – I’ve decide to stop selling my AO starter packs. A long time ago I was really into animations, but there are so many people out there doing it better! And its just not my forte. I have 6 Animation Override (AO) starter packs, each featuring a different ‘style’ The poses are a mixture of a few I made myself and the common default poses. I made them originally for newbies – I recall bitterly spending $800L on an AO with like 6 poses in it cause I couldn’t figure out how to make my own and I ended up hating it! So I made up these copy/modify AO HUD’s with the intention of allowing a newbie to just wear and go, but also to more easily figure out how to use and add to an AO without the steep entry price. My AO starter packs feature A LOT of poses and are normally priced at $25L each. I’m setting them all to $1L. You can buy one, add in and change out poses once you figure out how the darn thing works – all the while not looking like a complete noob! There is, Girl Next Door, Guy Next Door, Show-Off, Dance Club, Slave Girl (with bonus silks included ☺) and Super Model! After a week, they will be gone, so grab all six if you want now! They all use the Zhao II HUD.

That’s it for this week, as always, you can find all my stuff for sale at my store, Whimsical Creations – here’s the SLURL so you can teleport directly to the store! See my new releases below.

Art Galerie de Souza

One of the most lovely things about the Ivory Tower in Natoma, and the surrounding sims, is that the area is a magnet for the new and the different in SL™. Considering that Natoma is an historic sim, it seems that everything should be old. But it’s not, as the Ivory Tower attracts the people who are typically the most curious about what to DO in SL! If you cam out just a bit from the Ivory Tower, you’ll spy my humble abode, Whimsical Creations in Taber, keep going you’ll see the Taber Windmill, a build that is from around February of 2004. Keep going (turn that draw distance UP!) and you’ll see Zoe, and a lone picnic table, surrounded by a sandbox. Tumble Arrow in Zoe is the home of my good friend, Avi Arrow.

On any given day in SL, you’ll see a wide variety of people come and go from this particular picnic table. Tumble Arrow is a place where a lot of newbies end up, asking Avi for help and advice on any number of subjects, from building to advice, well, about life in general. These newbies go on to become the great builders and artists in SL.

It was at this place that I first met souza Subagja. After a short while, I realized that souza liked Tumble Arrow and was becoming a regular. One day I arrived in Tumble Arrow to find myself surrounded by an extravagant circus. Bright red wood, canvas tents and colorful diamond awning abounded! Tigers seemed to be loose on the grounds! And there was souza in the middle, wearing a top hat and carrying a baton, LOL. She had built the whole thing!

I chatted with souza and learned that her main project in SL was to open her own gallery where she would showcase her RL art. Which is fabulous, and varied. souza told me that she studied ceramics in england and later in holland. She then started to paint, and develop her own style and technique, which she says is a continuous process. She loves being able to create things in her mind that can be anything, and she’s always finding new things to learn in SL (does this sound familiar?).

I asked her which of her pieces she likes best and she told me that it was hard to say, usually the one that she is working on. However the momentum from that piece usually brings her to the next.

Please don’t take my word for it, souza’s art is wonderful and unique. I encourage you to visit her gallery in Clementina (yes, another historic sim in SL). Visit Art Galerie de Souza by clicking here!

Lagalicious Fashionista Belt, and well, other fun stuff.

Ah what a week. Sooooo I made this belt a while ago, I mean like all the pieces and stuffs. A total exercise in fun. I’ve been picking at it for while, messing with this and that. Then I thought, I really should do something with it, I wonder if anyone would think it’d be fun to wear ;-). Why call it lagalicious fashionista? Cause it’s a ton o’ prims that’s why!!! Well it probably could be less. Also, it contains all the things a fashionista needs, well except more lindens… But if you’re looking to significantly ‘up’ your ARC score, at 199 prims, well this is the belt for you!

Oh and the really fun part about this belt? It’s this week’s freebie! That’s right, for one week ONLY this belt be FREE, FREE, FREE. After that, you’ll have to be a member of my update group to get it for free….search on, Whimsical Creations & DM Updates, and join for free ;-). Get other free stuff too!

Of course I made some other really swell stuff this week. I really LOVE the victorian choker I made. So much so I decided it needed to be done in Gold and Pearls. And so it is. See below for pictures of it in gold and silver.

In the course of the week, I also made some CRAZY earrings. My little girl says to me, jeez what’s with all the old folks stuff (teenager talk for ‘vintage’)? Why don’t you make these! (imagine image from Teen Vogue magazine here) My ‘Lissie’ earrings are loosely based on some that I saw in the magazine ;-). The coral and shell textures are really cool. The necklace to go with is a lovely and simple ‘Abstract Heart’ necklace that resembles the one my daughter gave me when she became a part of my life and family. So the whole thing is ‘Lissie’s Set.’

And of course, because I could not resist ‘vintage’ for long, I made some bangles, specifically tortoise shell and diamond bangles, with HUGE diamond earrings to match. Lovely combo.

As always, all this stuff can be found at my store, Whimsical Creations. Stop by and say hi!

Going Goth, or Victorian, or just having fun.

One of the things I love MOST about SL™ is the ability to change your look to whatever you wish! At the same time, I love being able to build things that strike my fancy. I adore all things vintage, as you’ve probably seen from the absolutely lovely story that Thalia Jie did about me on the Faces blog (THANK YOU!). Any how, I love the Victorian era, all things Victorian and probably would live in Caledon if I could see my way to renting land….So I started this necklace and felt the inspiration flowing back after feeling a bit fed-up with SL due to all the borkedness of late. I love this necklace, so I’m releasing it NOW. You can find it in my shop, Whimsical Creations, on the new releases wall. It also inspired me to dig through my inventory to see what I had to create a sort of goth/victorian look, and what was really interesting was that the outfit I put together was mostly freebies! Ah serendipity. Credits from top to bottom are after the picture!

Hair – Bonita – Black ETD

Skin – Cream – Indigo Freckle LF CHAI Skin

Tattoo – Grumpy Skull Tatt Bryce

Necklace/Earrings – Vintage Victorian Set Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Outfit – Helene – Black PixelDolls

Boots – la venetian The Laughing Academy

Working hard, or hardly working….

Well, I’ve spent the whole week (and I do mean ‘spent’) shopping instead of building. Suffering from serious builder’s block. I managed to finish some things, but honestly they were things I was working on already, prior to the lack of inspiration rushing in. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’ve spent the last year learning to use Photoshop, and something tells me, I need a few more years, LOL. My friend Avi tells me that you really never learn it all. I struggled all week with building, so I decided to focus on improving some textures, and seeing if I could get the look I was going for with new ones. Metal is a difficult texture to mimic. I’ve created a new one to mimic marcasite, one of my all time fav’s. My RL hubby, before he was my hubby ;-), used to shop at this little vintage jewelry shop next to his store in San Francisco. He’d pick up little pins and earrings and such for me, and I loved them all. I have a lovely vintage pin in the shape of a jaguar (no, I didn’t build this, just not possible for me at the moment!). I did however make a really cool marcasite and diamond pendant necklace, and some earrings to match. Then I made some bangles with big hoop earrings, again, focusing on textures and seeing the effects that I could get. And last week, prior to builder’s block setting in and sending me on an SL shopping spree, I did a lovely vintage ‘art deco’ inspired pendant necklace with matching earrings. Oh and also finished last week is a lovely necklace to match my mini chandelier earring that I had free last week. I’ve decided that the matching necklace with earrings will be my freebie this week, since I hate ‘creating’ something purposely to ‘be’ a freebie. It seems we are a freebie SL these days. I recall when I first started playing SL (back in the day, lived in a shoebox, walked to natoma through ten miles of snow and all that), it was really rare to get freebies, and actually, something of an occasion – in some ways, this made getting a nice freebie really special. I hope everyone who grabs one knows that I’m not putting junk out there, this is a nice freebie that will be full price next week. Not that I’m complaining (much) since I just scored the beautiful new Chai skin from Laura Fauna (Indigo) which I’ve not taken off since, I’m so in love with it. Here is the newness. Please stop by the shop and take a look, or just sit on the beach and stare at the ocean.

Here is the slurl to my store, Whimsical Creations.

Builder’s Block, or, another excuse to go shopping!

Sooo, I’ve been suffering from builder’s block. Basically this occurs when anything I try to build seems to suck the closer I get to the end of building it. I usually delete these things in sheer frustration. Then I do a bit of shopping. Then I try to build, and cannot REZ anything! Imagine me sputtering, can’t build, stupid grid, can’t tp, and I had tried to rez a mega prim LOL! ARGH! Then I calm down and decide to shop. So I’m shopping away, and actually purchased quite a bit over the last couple of days. Then I started pulling stuff from my new clothes folder this morning, kind of gandering through. And came up with this outfit, which is actually centered around the SecondWave Ruched Cami which comes in every color and style under the sun! Credits and Slurls are after the picture.

From head to toe

Hair – Tasha – Strawberry ETD

Skin – Nutmeg – Siyu Freckle – LF CHAI Skin

Glasses – DM Catty Eye (Brown) – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Jewelry – Golden Flower Bangles and Hoop Earrings (erm, unreleased), Aruni Gold Bangles, Tortoise Shell/Gold Beads Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Shirt – SWA..::RuchedCami::..ChocolateSilk – Second Wave Apparel

Belt – (PD) Belts; Dauphine Jacket – PixelDolls

Jeans – *<3C!* Free! White Jeans (SUCH A DEAL!) ❤ Cupcakes

Shoes – -DC- Overstrapped Wedge – Black Dernier Cri

Manicure/Pedicure – *ae* coffee bean Adam and Eve

Poses – LAP

I just don’t think I can be more whimsical.

I’m really hoping that those who read my blog will take the time to stop by the shop this week. I’ve created some new pieces that I’m particularly proud of. The jewelry has a whimsical quality to it – okay so most of my stuff has a whimsical quality to it (note to self, must make some skulls and barbed wire stuff asap) – I’ve got three new releases and one freebie.

Lately I’ve been focused on the combination of colors in my jewelry pieces – I’m really not offering them in a myriad of different metals, because usually the metals I’ve chosen are what I believe to be most complimentary to the colors of the gems.

This week I have my ‘Caught in Amber’ necklace and matching earrings set – only $100L is a very distinctive piece. Reminiscent of a butterfly, it features amber and onyx textures along with a deep silver that I feel turned out well from conception to creation. I love amber, it’s one of my favorite stones. I’ve also made a lovely ‘Vintage Pearl’ pendant, in antique gold that would look lovely with a wedding ensemble (but could definitely go casual with the right look). There are earrings and bracelet to match the pendant. I also made some cute hoop earrings and a beaded necklace, I’m calling ‘Silver Curves’ – I confess the hoop earrings design is inspired by my kids issue of teen Vogue LOL. And finally, I’ve been working on a new design but I don’t have the full set this week, only a pair of earrings inspired by my love of jade and all things pretty and delicate. I made a pair of ‘Jade and Gold Mini Chandelier Earrings’, which for one week only, will be available FAH-REE in my shop. Please stop by and grab a pair! I will make these part of a set for sale next week, so come by soon.

While you’re in the shop, take a look at my fabulous collection of prefab homes, and low prim furniture. I’ve been working on a new piece of furniture, a ‘cuddle’ bed of sorts, it will feature multiple animations in a cool new way to look at and use animations! I hope to have it ready for sale sometime next week.

Here is the slurl to my store, Whimsical Creations.