Casual Monday?

So I put together this outfit today, based on my shopping trip last night – I usually shop when I’m stumped for how to proceed on something I build. A little mindless entertainment goes a long way towards clearing the brain!

I decided to check out Dernier Cri, the store by the latest ex-teen to join the adult grid! The talent that I saw was quite impressive, and of course, I made a couple of purchases. What’s really funny is that my daughter plays on the teen grid and when I showed her my outfit, she was like – oh that’s Asuka Martin! I’ve met her! Which is cool, of course.

I purchased the ‘shaggy chic’ hairstyle, and I loved the option to ‘color’ my hair myself. I also got the ‘belted top, green pattern’ which I absolutely adore for the delightful scooped neckline. I will almost certainly wear this top a lot, as its in my favorite color! I paired it with some capri’s I picked up at Nyte and Day not too long ago, and my trusty ‘brown stacked wedges’ from She’s So Unusual shoes. My own ‘medea jewelry set’ from Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations seemed to work nicely in complementing the blue pattern in the shirt and presto, a casual Monday outfit! Egad I really need to get to work! Credits and Slurls for all items are below the picture.

Credits from top to bottom:

Hair – Shaggy Chic (Blond Blackened) Dernier Cri

Skin – Nutmeg – Undine Freckle – LF CHAI Skin

Glasses – DM Catty Eye (Navy) – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Jewelry – Medea Set – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Top – Belted Top – Green Pattern Dernier Cri

Jeans – Denim Capri’s – Dark Nyte’N’Day

Shoes – Brown Stacked Wedge – She’s So Unusual Shoes


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