I just wanted to do a quick post to show my support for Wheelies, and the fund raiser that Sasy Scarborough has put together (in record time too!).  I told Sasy yesterday that I was immediately touched by her post as I suffer from a hearing problem myself, and find SL to be a great place where my hearing problems are pretty much ignored, and don’t affect my enjoyment of the game!  I can’t tell you what a great feeling this is. Anywho – I’ve got a donation kiosk set up in my store, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my pearldrop necklace set goes to the Wheelies fund.  Stop by and show your support!  If you’re curious about the Wheelies, here’s a link to an old story from the old sl insider (now known as massively).

If you want to help, you can get more information from her site.

I’m putting in a quick edit to add – I always understood that Wheelies is not a charity! The reason this story touched me was that the club itself is a place for persons with a disability to feel at home and comfortable. I wanted to help because this is how SL makes me feel all the time.


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