In the mood for more stuff…

Sooo if you’re reading this blog in the feed, I’d appreciate anyone, anyone at all who knows wordpress, to tell me why my titles are getting cut out and replaced with ‘Mouse.’ I really do not title all my posts, ‘Mouse’ lol! If the title you see is, ‘In the mood for more stuff’ then apparently I’ve fixed it! I’m technology challenged! Anywho, I do have a few releases this week, despite the numerous downtimes experienced in our beloved world.

A bit about building. I find that I get in ‘moods’ sometimes, where I either don’t feel like building, or nothing I’m building appeals to me, or only one thing appeals to me, or I get stuck on a notion or idea and can’t execute, or I go off on a tangent and do something completely different from my initial idea! I think all the stuff I made this week, with the exception of the new house, started out as something else.

I had a notion in mind to replicate the white tree of gondor (LOTR FAN ALERT). I started out okay and lost steam along the way. I ended up with my Golden Tree Earrings and Bracelet set, which has an ethereal beauty that I quite like. But this is a good example of something that went in a different direction. I then had a notion to create ‘mermaid jewelry.’ While I’m not certain my Jade Curves Earring and Necklace would be appropriate for a mermaid, it does have a curvy wave quality. I then wanted to do something with faux tortoise shell which I love in RL. I ended up with something that would be appropriate with a business outfit, the Tortoise Shell and Gold beads and earrings set. Last but not least, is my Star Feather set, which started out as something completely different, but I found I liked the way the prims came together, and went with it!

Finally – I built a new house. I’ve been consumed with jewelry/accessory/tiny prims creation for a couple of months now, but my first love is creating houses. Specifically houses that are low-prim – so you can have furniture too! My new house is called the Los Padres House, and it has 3 rooms, a front porch and lots of nice whimsical details (i.e., whimsical creations) so that it does not look like a boring box. If you’re limited on prims, you’d like this house. It’s got a great ‘California’ open feeling. I hope you’ll like it!

Last but not least – on freebies. I’m at a complete loss as to what to do for a freebie. While the offer of freebies does drive business to my store, and I ‘like’ that, I don’t know if what I’m giving away is useful and/or needed or just more stuff for a bursting inventory. I’ve decided that the thing to do is to mark something on the wall for free for a week till my next release. You’ll have to find it, and yes, it will be an necklace and earrings set! Not in the new releases! Oh and while I do have furniture and houses at my store, I am also a seller of accessories!”

Slurl to Whimsical Creations.


5 thoughts on “In the mood for more stuff…

  1. It’s funny when I first got on the feed, it was posting the actual title of the post. Then I fiddled with the settings and since then, argh! I think I messed up a setting, but I’ve no idea which.

  2. Yes I can trace this change back to when the wordpress format changed. But I figured it was technology challenged me ;(.

  3. It started a long while ago for me too, and it’s been so annoying. Sometimes it actually does the name of the last picture file I post in a blog.

    WordPress is annoying the crap out of me lately, I can’t wait till I get my own hosting.

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