Out of this world

So I’m finally running version 19 of the SL client, with Windlight. It is VERY pretty to look at. I still get crashes and what not, but not ‘as bad’ as it was. I increased the memory on my computer, and this seems to have helped a lot. So I’ve been playing around with it of course. Yesterday, Eldee released her metal tops in 3 more colors for $3L. Since I had already purchased the original gold and purple colors I tp’d right over to grab these. These tops are really beautiful and unique. If you already know a lot about adjusting prim attachments or windlight, you can skip the next part of this post.

The prim skirt piece of the tops are attached to the ‘chest’ point on your avatar, so if you want to wear a necklace with them, you have to change either the skirt or the necklace to a different attachment point. Assuming that you know a bit about building, this is easily done by:

• Dragging the skirt out of your inventory onto the ground in a place where you can build (keep in mind that you’re ‘making a copy’ and the original is still safe in your inventory.

• Renaming the file (I used, ::eLDee:: November Metal black (stomach) skirt, for example) then ‘taking’ it back into inventory.

• Once back in inventory, choose the item and attach it to the point you’ve chosen (in my case, ‘stomach’) using edit>attach>stomach from the file menu on the client.

• You should use a pose stand for this to keep your avatar steady. You can get a pose stand at just about any store in SL. I have them free to copy in my shop.

• Highlight the skirt while in ‘edit’ in the ‘build’ menu and use the ‘rotate’ and ‘position’ arrows in the build menu to put the skirt in place.

• Once you’re done, detach the skirt back into inventory to ‘save’ the place you’ve put it. Eldee makes the prim attachments ‘copy’ and ‘mod’ which is what all attachments should be!

I paired the top with my uberdark jeans from Last Call cause even though it’s got so much silk and shine, I thought it begged for a casual look, my own pearl-drop jewelry, and ETD’s Lily style, which is older and free (or close to free), but I think longer hair looks complimentary when your shoulders are bare. I took the photos at Planet Mongo, Lumiere Noire’s fabulous new build. I played with the Windlight settings after ensuring that my settings were at high resolution for photos, advanced>high resolution from the client menu. Fascinating to me was that there were a bunch of default settings in the advanced ‘environment’ settings. World>Environment Settings>Environment Editor. Choose the ‘advanced sky’ button and you’ll see a ‘sky presets’ drop down menu at the top. There are settings called, “pirate” and “ghost.” Experiment and have fun 😉

Credits from top to bottom:

Skin – LF CHAI Skin -Nutmeg – Antique Freckles

Hair – ETD Lily – Strawberry Blackened

Sunglasses/Necklace/Earrings/Bracelet – Whimsical Creations – Catty Eye Sunglasses (Black) and Pearl Drop Jewelry Set

Shirt – Eldee November Metal Top Black

Jeans – Last Call Uber Dark – No longer available.

Shoes – Classy Kitty Mule PLUSHIES – Tan (I’ve had these since day one in SL and I can’t recall where they came from, and I can’t find out cause SL is being wonky!!)

Tattoo – Tattoo Wired Garden GoK

Edited to add – if anyone, anyone at all can tell me why I keep losing my post title’s when it hits the feeds, I’d really appreciate it. I cannot figure out what I’ve done to my settings to make this occur!


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