Catty Eye Glasses and More!

Soooo, I’m still in computer limbo. I’ve decided to upgrade the memory on my current computer, which should buy me some time till I make up my mind! I’ve had plenty of time to build, as I’ve been home sick! You may not have noticed, but I have this thing about sunglasses. I wear them all the time in SL, and have many, many different varieties and brands. However, I’ve never found precisely the pair that I wanted, which basically was a pair of cateye glasses with some subtle diamond touches. I didn’t want to build these myself out of pure unadulterated fear of screwing it up. I finally got over my fear! And what do you know, I made some pretty cute glasses – I like them so much I’ve not taken the off since I made them! I’m putting them out with my new releases today, and I have them available in 8 colors, in case you’re like a purple (or pink, or yellow…) freak or something…since I didn’t really think about a freebie of the week, I’ve decided to put one of the colors out for free for a week. You’ll have to come by the store to see which pair is FREE!

My other new releases are all jewelry. As promised, I created a set from the pearl drop necklace I made, and I think the rose tinted pearls would look quite elegant with a suit. For a more casual look I also made the silver star earrings and necklace, which features pale blue stone and jade with a basket weave silver texture I’m quite fond of. I also made a great pair of large hoop silver earrings and a silver cross necklace with diamonds that match that I’m calling the true silver set. And of course my feeling blue set with its overwhelming array of sapphire and emerald stones. I’m going for a ‘larger’ earring these days, because I’ve noticed you can’t really see earrings very well under the great variety of hair available in SL™. In any case I’m really pleased with all my new stuff this week, and I hope you’ll come by the shop to check it out!

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