Shopping Trip

Sometimes, I have one of those days where, I just can’t stop myself. I’ve been trying, okay struggling, to ignore the siren call of Laura Fauna’s Chai Skins, but OMG. I already own several and I thought about, okay considered, okay actually typed up and deleted, a shameless plea for a sale on the fashcon cafe group chat channel. But of course, you can’t ask an artist to willfully discount their work. You can hint of course, but you can’t really ask. The fact is that this woman owns my butt. Oh and my nose. and of course the lovely ears, oh and the freckles, my god the freckles. I HAD to go buy more. Her last release, of the ‘undine’ and ‘lavender’ skins had me, well, at hello ❤. I managed to hold off for 24 hours, cause I had work to do, ya know?

The only question was should I buy three skins or five LOL!

Truth is I’m a skin whore. There I said it. Remember that contest to see who owned the most skins in their inventory? I was too embarrassed to enter! A friend asked me how many skins I’ve purchased (or grabbed a freebie of) and I honestly did not know. Do I own most of the CS skin make-ups in Champagne? Well yes, I do! Do I own more than my share of Naughty, erm yes.

There may come a day when the hearts of men must fail and I move to a new skin maker, but today is not that day. (egad, did I type that out loud – snicker?)

I apologize if my photos are not up to snuff of the skins – I’m still windlightless. Please take my word for it, these skins are fabu!

Oh, and I sorries if no nekid pictures of me are here, I’s shy.

Credits and slurl’s after the picture.

Skin – LF CHAI Skin -Nutmeg – From left to right, Undine, Valencia, Antique, Cassandra, Lavender

Hair – ETD Lynne II – Strawberry Blackened

Necklace/Earrings – Whimsical Creations – Spring Flowers in Yellow

Tanktop – Acetone:mouthplay


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