Only in Vegas, Baby!

So I’m almost over my whining phase, down to a small whimper here. The basic fact is that I can’t really use my current computer to play SL™ anymore – see my post here on that subject. Sooooo – I spent last week in lovely sin city. That’s right, Vegas, baby! While there, I was inspired to make a new belt, Vegas style, and talked into purchasing a new computer by someone who is oddly, still a friend after I broke the bank on a new computer (hey! that’s what tax refunds are for!). I tried gambling to win enough money but as we all know, that never works LOL. But if you need a tip, go for the megabucks progressive slot machine when its over 19 mil….

I simply had to get a new computer, more memory, better graphics card. The time I spend creating stuff for SL™ is something I enjoy immensely (when it’s fricken working!). The new client was torturing my poor mac powerbook g4. So I have a new computer (well its not here yet…waiting…impatiently). I read yesterday that Nicholas Beresford would not be making a new client – read his post here, it’s really™, really™, really™ a great shame, as I used his client right up until last week, prior to the forced upgrade. Many who have used it to provide a stable playing environment are the losers here. Oh and possibly LL (LL here stands for “likely losers” so no ™ necessary) – some of these people may stop playing altogether.

But enough bitchin from me about it. The truth is that I will continue to play and create content. But I reserve my right to complain!

Well due to the ‘troubles’ of last week, I didn’t make so much. My new releases include a 70’s Vintage jewelry set which reminds me of long straight hair and big earrings, the awesomely cool, Rhinestone and Pearl belt, inspired by a belt in the Las Vegas Airport shops (a black one and a white one in the box for only $100L), a great – low prim living room set in my favorite color, blue, and my freebie of the week, a pearl drop necklace set in antique gold. You should stop by and pick up the necklace asap, as I plan to make matching earrings and bracelet and put it out as a set, soon!

Here’s the slurl to my store, Whimsical Creations!


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