Well if it’s free…belts

Hiya!  I have lot’s of new releases this week.  Busy girl.  Sometimes I go into overdrive, especially when I’m excited or fascinated by something I’m building.  I seriously do not know how I managed to get all this done this week, except to say well my studio is at 700 meters, so not too much to render, ya know. And of course, there were no tempting offers of employment from Armidi to distract me. Uploads were crazy, sometime I could sometimes I could not.  But I really like everything.  My freebie this week is a totally fun ‘flower power belt’ in four colors.  I paired it with a denim mini skirt and black tights…

I also have the Aruni necklace and bangles set, which would look great with silks, if you like to wear silks. I have two different sets of ‘skinny belts’ which I LOVE so much I’ve been wearing the black one for 3 days straight.   Oh and this cool ‘starburst necklace and earrings’ set and an ‘oriental inspired bracelets.’  Stop by the shop and take a look.  Oh and if you’re desperate for some low prim furniture, I designed and built a gorgeous aqua blue silk and ebony wood set – couch, chair and coffee table with poses are only 29 PRIMS altogether. But you’ll have to stop by the store and see this, as well, this is a fashion post, not furniture post ;-).

Slurl to Whimsical Creations








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