Casual Monday?

So I put together this outfit today, based on my shopping trip last night – I usually shop when I’m stumped for how to proceed on something I build. A little mindless entertainment goes a long way towards clearing the brain!

I decided to check out Dernier Cri, the store by the latest ex-teen to join the adult grid! The talent that I saw was quite impressive, and of course, I made a couple of purchases. What’s really funny is that my daughter plays on the teen grid and when I showed her my outfit, she was like – oh that’s Asuka Martin! I’ve met her! Which is cool, of course.

I purchased the ‘shaggy chic’ hairstyle, and I loved the option to ‘color’ my hair myself. I also got the ‘belted top, green pattern’ which I absolutely adore for the delightful scooped neckline. I will almost certainly wear this top a lot, as its in my favorite color! I paired it with some capri’s I picked up at Nyte and Day not too long ago, and my trusty ‘brown stacked wedges’ from She’s So Unusual shoes. My own ‘medea jewelry set’ from Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations seemed to work nicely in complementing the blue pattern in the shirt and presto, a casual Monday outfit! Egad I really need to get to work! Credits and Slurls for all items are below the picture.

Credits from top to bottom:

Hair – Shaggy Chic (Blond Blackened) Dernier Cri

Skin – Nutmeg – Undine Freckle – LF CHAI Skin

Glasses – DM Catty Eye (Navy) – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Jewelry – Medea Set – Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Top – Belted Top – Green Pattern Dernier Cri

Jeans – Denim Capri’s – Dark Nyte’N’Day

Shoes – Brown Stacked Wedge – She’s So Unusual Shoes



I just wanted to do a quick post to show my support for Wheelies, and the fund raiser that Sasy Scarborough has put together (in record time too!).  I told Sasy yesterday that I was immediately touched by her post as I suffer from a hearing problem myself, and find SL to be a great place where my hearing problems are pretty much ignored, and don’t affect my enjoyment of the game!  I can’t tell you what a great feeling this is. Anywho – I’ve got a donation kiosk set up in my store, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of my pearldrop necklace set goes to the Wheelies fund.  Stop by and show your support!  If you’re curious about the Wheelies, here’s a link to an old story from the old sl insider (now known as massively).

If you want to help, you can get more information from her site.

I’m putting in a quick edit to add – I always understood that Wheelies is not a charity! The reason this story touched me was that the club itself is a place for persons with a disability to feel at home and comfortable. I wanted to help because this is how SL makes me feel all the time.

In the mood for more stuff…

Sooo if you’re reading this blog in the feed, I’d appreciate anyone, anyone at all who knows wordpress, to tell me why my titles are getting cut out and replaced with ‘Mouse.’ I really do not title all my posts, ‘Mouse’ lol! If the title you see is, ‘In the mood for more stuff’ then apparently I’ve fixed it! I’m technology challenged! Anywho, I do have a few releases this week, despite the numerous downtimes experienced in our beloved world.

A bit about building. I find that I get in ‘moods’ sometimes, where I either don’t feel like building, or nothing I’m building appeals to me, or only one thing appeals to me, or I get stuck on a notion or idea and can’t execute, or I go off on a tangent and do something completely different from my initial idea! I think all the stuff I made this week, with the exception of the new house, started out as something else.

I had a notion in mind to replicate the white tree of gondor (LOTR FAN ALERT). I started out okay and lost steam along the way. I ended up with my Golden Tree Earrings and Bracelet set, which has an ethereal beauty that I quite like. But this is a good example of something that went in a different direction. I then had a notion to create ‘mermaid jewelry.’ While I’m not certain my Jade Curves Earring and Necklace would be appropriate for a mermaid, it does have a curvy wave quality. I then wanted to do something with faux tortoise shell which I love in RL. I ended up with something that would be appropriate with a business outfit, the Tortoise Shell and Gold beads and earrings set. Last but not least, is my Star Feather set, which started out as something completely different, but I found I liked the way the prims came together, and went with it!

Finally – I built a new house. I’ve been consumed with jewelry/accessory/tiny prims creation for a couple of months now, but my first love is creating houses. Specifically houses that are low-prim – so you can have furniture too! My new house is called the Los Padres House, and it has 3 rooms, a front porch and lots of nice whimsical details (i.e., whimsical creations) so that it does not look like a boring box. If you’re limited on prims, you’d like this house. It’s got a great ‘California’ open feeling. I hope you’ll like it!

Last but not least – on freebies. I’m at a complete loss as to what to do for a freebie. While the offer of freebies does drive business to my store, and I ‘like’ that, I don’t know if what I’m giving away is useful and/or needed or just more stuff for a bursting inventory. I’ve decided that the thing to do is to mark something on the wall for free for a week till my next release. You’ll have to find it, and yes, it will be an necklace and earrings set! Not in the new releases! Oh and while I do have furniture and houses at my store, I am also a seller of accessories!”

Slurl to Whimsical Creations.

Out of this world

So I’m finally running version 19 of the SL client, with Windlight. It is VERY pretty to look at. I still get crashes and what not, but not ‘as bad’ as it was. I increased the memory on my computer, and this seems to have helped a lot. So I’ve been playing around with it of course. Yesterday, Eldee released her metal tops in 3 more colors for $3L. Since I had already purchased the original gold and purple colors I tp’d right over to grab these. These tops are really beautiful and unique. If you already know a lot about adjusting prim attachments or windlight, you can skip the next part of this post.

The prim skirt piece of the tops are attached to the ‘chest’ point on your avatar, so if you want to wear a necklace with them, you have to change either the skirt or the necklace to a different attachment point. Assuming that you know a bit about building, this is easily done by:

• Dragging the skirt out of your inventory onto the ground in a place where you can build (keep in mind that you’re ‘making a copy’ and the original is still safe in your inventory.

• Renaming the file (I used, ::eLDee:: November Metal black (stomach) skirt, for example) then ‘taking’ it back into inventory.

• Once back in inventory, choose the item and attach it to the point you’ve chosen (in my case, ‘stomach’) using edit>attach>stomach from the file menu on the client.

• You should use a pose stand for this to keep your avatar steady. You can get a pose stand at just about any store in SL. I have them free to copy in my shop.

• Highlight the skirt while in ‘edit’ in the ‘build’ menu and use the ‘rotate’ and ‘position’ arrows in the build menu to put the skirt in place.

• Once you’re done, detach the skirt back into inventory to ‘save’ the place you’ve put it. Eldee makes the prim attachments ‘copy’ and ‘mod’ which is what all attachments should be!

I paired the top with my uberdark jeans from Last Call cause even though it’s got so much silk and shine, I thought it begged for a casual look, my own pearl-drop jewelry, and ETD’s Lily style, which is older and free (or close to free), but I think longer hair looks complimentary when your shoulders are bare. I took the photos at Planet Mongo, Lumiere Noire’s fabulous new build. I played with the Windlight settings after ensuring that my settings were at high resolution for photos, advanced>high resolution from the client menu. Fascinating to me was that there were a bunch of default settings in the advanced ‘environment’ settings. World>Environment Settings>Environment Editor. Choose the ‘advanced sky’ button and you’ll see a ‘sky presets’ drop down menu at the top. There are settings called, “pirate” and “ghost.” Experiment and have fun 😉

Credits from top to bottom:

Skin – LF CHAI Skin -Nutmeg – Antique Freckles

Hair – ETD Lily – Strawberry Blackened

Sunglasses/Necklace/Earrings/Bracelet – Whimsical Creations – Catty Eye Sunglasses (Black) and Pearl Drop Jewelry Set

Shirt – Eldee November Metal Top Black

Jeans – Last Call Uber Dark – No longer available.

Shoes – Classy Kitty Mule PLUSHIES – Tan (I’ve had these since day one in SL and I can’t recall where they came from, and I can’t find out cause SL is being wonky!!)

Tattoo – Tattoo Wired Garden GoK

Edited to add – if anyone, anyone at all can tell me why I keep losing my post title’s when it hits the feeds, I’d really appreciate it. I cannot figure out what I’ve done to my settings to make this occur!

Catty Eye Glasses and More!

Soooo, I’m still in computer limbo. I’ve decided to upgrade the memory on my current computer, which should buy me some time till I make up my mind! I’ve had plenty of time to build, as I’ve been home sick! You may not have noticed, but I have this thing about sunglasses. I wear them all the time in SL, and have many, many different varieties and brands. However, I’ve never found precisely the pair that I wanted, which basically was a pair of cateye glasses with some subtle diamond touches. I didn’t want to build these myself out of pure unadulterated fear of screwing it up. I finally got over my fear! And what do you know, I made some pretty cute glasses – I like them so much I’ve not taken the off since I made them! I’m putting them out with my new releases today, and I have them available in 8 colors, in case you’re like a purple (or pink, or yellow…) freak or something…since I didn’t really think about a freebie of the week, I’ve decided to put one of the colors out for free for a week. You’ll have to come by the store to see which pair is FREE!

My other new releases are all jewelry. As promised, I created a set from the pearl drop necklace I made, and I think the rose tinted pearls would look quite elegant with a suit. For a more casual look I also made the silver star earrings and necklace, which features pale blue stone and jade with a basket weave silver texture I’m quite fond of. I also made a great pair of large hoop silver earrings and a silver cross necklace with diamonds that match that I’m calling the true silver set. And of course my feeling blue set with its overwhelming array of sapphire and emerald stones. I’m going for a ‘larger’ earring these days, because I’ve noticed you can’t really see earrings very well under the great variety of hair available in SL™. In any case I’m really pleased with all my new stuff this week, and I hope you’ll come by the shop to check it out!

Slurl to Whimsical Creations

Shopping Trip

Sometimes, I have one of those days where, I just can’t stop myself. I’ve been trying, okay struggling, to ignore the siren call of Laura Fauna’s Chai Skins, but OMG. I already own several and I thought about, okay considered, okay actually typed up and deleted, a shameless plea for a sale on the fashcon cafe group chat channel. But of course, you can’t ask an artist to willfully discount their work. You can hint of course, but you can’t really ask. The fact is that this woman owns my butt. Oh and my nose. and of course the lovely ears, oh and the freckles, my god the freckles. I HAD to go buy more. Her last release, of the ‘undine’ and ‘lavender’ skins had me, well, at hello ❤. I managed to hold off for 24 hours, cause I had work to do, ya know?

The only question was should I buy three skins or five LOL!

Truth is I’m a skin whore. There I said it. Remember that contest to see who owned the most skins in their inventory? I was too embarrassed to enter! A friend asked me how many skins I’ve purchased (or grabbed a freebie of) and I honestly did not know. Do I own most of the CS skin make-ups in Champagne? Well yes, I do! Do I own more than my share of Naughty, erm yes.

There may come a day when the hearts of men must fail and I move to a new skin maker, but today is not that day. (egad, did I type that out loud – snicker?)

I apologize if my photos are not up to snuff of the skins – I’m still windlightless. Please take my word for it, these skins are fabu!

Oh, and I sorries if no nekid pictures of me are here, I’s shy.

Credits and slurl’s after the picture.

Skin – LF CHAI Skin -Nutmeg – From left to right, Undine, Valencia, Antique, Cassandra, Lavender

Hair – ETD Lynne II – Strawberry Blackened

Necklace/Earrings – Whimsical Creations – Spring Flowers in Yellow

Tanktop – Acetone:mouthplay

Cannot complete pending attachment

Wow – how much longer must I wait to complete pending attachment! This is just crazy. You know I love SL™ as much as the next person, maybe more. I dunno, I’m addicted. So much so that I continue to work on my computer that’s not making the grade. BUT WTF! The series of blogs over the last few days have been frightening. I work in public relations and marketing. The blog at SL™ is a disaster. Using the blog as a help wanted advertising in the middle of a technical meltdown, shortly after announcing a reduction in pricing, along with chirpy ‘how to’ videos. I’m frankly astonished. Hey – I’m working on these new glasses. I would LOVE to show them to you, but I cannot complete pending attachment.

Feeling Blue

So I’m in dilemma about what computer to buy. I was GOING to buy a MAC – I had dither syndrome, and actually stopped my order. Now I’m dilemma girl. So I went shopping to think about it. Oh a made a new jewelry set. Just to piss and moan about how crappy my computer is running while I did it. I’m calling it, ‘feeling blue’ cause I am. I=suck at windlight, so pictures don’t do it justice ;(. Anywho – I need to make a decision. Here’s the results of my shopping and building (credits are below), oh and the slurl to my store, Whimsical Creations.

Credits from top to bottom

Hair-Calla Niphredil Red Frosted (Dirty Blond)

Jewelry-Feeling Blue Set Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Shirt-MG Fashion Gigi tank top (baby blue)

Belt-Goes with everything belt (Black) Dark Mouse at Whimsical Creations

Jeans: ~Digital Knickers~ Comfortably Worn Jean

Shoes-ETD T-strap Peep Wedges

Skin-LF Chai – LF CHAI Skin -Nutmeg- Becca Freckle

Tattoo – Tattoo Wired Garden GoK

Only in Vegas, Baby!

So I’m almost over my whining phase, down to a small whimper here. The basic fact is that I can’t really use my current computer to play SL™ anymore – see my post here on that subject. Sooooo – I spent last week in lovely sin city. That’s right, Vegas, baby! While there, I was inspired to make a new belt, Vegas style, and talked into purchasing a new computer by someone who is oddly, still a friend after I broke the bank on a new computer (hey! that’s what tax refunds are for!). I tried gambling to win enough money but as we all know, that never works LOL. But if you need a tip, go for the megabucks progressive slot machine when its over 19 mil….

I simply had to get a new computer, more memory, better graphics card. The time I spend creating stuff for SL™ is something I enjoy immensely (when it’s fricken working!). The new client was torturing my poor mac powerbook g4. So I have a new computer (well its not here yet…waiting…impatiently). I read yesterday that Nicholas Beresford would not be making a new client – read his post here, it’s really™, really™, really™ a great shame, as I used his client right up until last week, prior to the forced upgrade. Many who have used it to provide a stable playing environment are the losers here. Oh and possibly LL (LL here stands for “likely losers” so no ™ necessary) – some of these people may stop playing altogether.

But enough bitchin from me about it. The truth is that I will continue to play and create content. But I reserve my right to complain!

Well due to the ‘troubles’ of last week, I didn’t make so much. My new releases include a 70’s Vintage jewelry set which reminds me of long straight hair and big earrings, the awesomely cool, Rhinestone and Pearl belt, inspired by a belt in the Las Vegas Airport shops (a black one and a white one in the box for only $100L), a great – low prim living room set in my favorite color, blue, and my freebie of the week, a pearl drop necklace set in antique gold. You should stop by and pick up the necklace asap, as I plan to make matching earrings and bracelet and put it out as a set, soon!

Here’s the slurl to my store, Whimsical Creations!

What’s a virtual girl to do?

Why do I stay in SL?  In the last two weeks, I’ve asked myself this question ALOT.  I catch flack from friends and family members about the amount of time I spend online.  As most do, I started my business with the intention of being able to cover my tier and fees.  I started building houses though for myself.  I only had a 512, so I wanted a nice house that I could still have furniture in.  Turned out other people liked my house too, so I sold it and started making more.  Over the past year I’ve taught myself how to build (with a lot of assistance from good friends at the Ivory Tower), I’ve taught myself photoshop (does anyone ever really learn every single thing you can do with photoshop?), I’ve studied magazines and online sites for ideas on color and fashion. I’ve made friends – people whose talents and skills never cease to fill me with awe.  I love building.  I love creating my own textures. I never realized how much it would please me to create. Second Life has given me that opportunity.

I’m sure this has happened to a lot of people, but I was working on a necklace.  It’s gone.  Oh not completely gone I suppose.  Lost somewhere in the region of Taber.  The prims for it still appear to be on my land.  But essentially, it’s gone. My joy of creating it is gone anyways, I can’t find the initiative to look for it.  The frustration of playing SL right now is so high that I’m planning on turning off my computer for the rest of today.  I think I’ll go shopping in RL.

The point is – something is terribly wrong.  I know this has been said before,  I’ve read it in all the blogs myself.  Lately I’ve caught myself trying to determine, when is the best time to try to work on something in SL?  Late at night, when the lowest concurrency is occurring?  This is a akin to trying to determine when to leave for work to beat traffic.  I’m no longer concentrating on creating something I like and am proud of, I’m trying to figure out how to work with a broken tool.  Why do I stay in SL? How much longer for the flame of dissatisfaction to grow into an uncontrollable wildfire? How much longer for us all? I’m sure some will say, well, if you don’t like, leave. But cut me some slack, here – the reality is, I desperately want to stay. But will I be able too?