SL Blues

Oops, I forgot to put the ® symbol in the title.  Could you just ‘imagine’ it’s there for me….

SL is being ugly today.  Actually been ugly all week.  I went back to the Nicholas client – and while I’m a bit slow, at least I’m not unable to move. Nicholas, oh Nicholas, woo hoo – could you do another one, please, pretty please?

I dunno what they are doing in that great lab in the sky, but to me, a person who loves to shop, the biggest indicator of a problem is an inability to complete TRANSACTIONS.  Leading me to think, um, ‘it’s the economy, stupid.’

I was in Bewitched for the secret sale.  You see they have this really cool style that I LOVE.  I don’t know why I love it, truthfully it’s not my usual style – its just sooo pretty.  It’s called ‘Whisper’ and I have it in ‘tropical’ which is a light blue color – which I got for free (yes! the freebie worked!).  I want it in another color. I could not buy it.  I tried. Twice in one day.  It’s ON SALE for god’s sake.  I’ll go back again today, of course – never say die when it comes to shopping!  But still.  I could not buy it.  This should simply not be. Okay, rant over.



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