What will SL look like to you?

I was using the 18.3.5 client for the longest time, but the lag had become almost intolerable, so I decided to bite the bullet and do the upgrade to 19. I had also been using the Nicolas client, but it seemed to grow increasingly weird with the upgrades to SL, so I stopped using it.

Of course, as most people have discovered, 19 was no picnic. I held onto my 18.3.5 client, and started this random game of flipping back and forth between the two. Anyone else do this?

So, tonite I was buzzing around SL. I decided to try the release candidate (the current experimental client that will ‘become’ the official version of the SL client. Version 19.1.3 is the release candidate and I guess it incorporates features of Windlight. After uploading I took a deep breath and logged into SL. Hey – this is not too bad I thought. Of course I was at 700 meters in my open air work studio. Not too much to render. Last couple of times I had tried the windlight client, I couldn’t move and crashed immediately. So this was like wow – I can use windlight. Schemes of redoing all my photo boards start going through my head – better pictures -woot! I open up the preferences to look at where I’m at. But it’s changed. I get one choice – graphics. I learn it’s ‘preset’ to optimal levels for my computer. I am at the lowest settings of everything. But hey I can MOVE!

I suddenly realize what is happening. My computer which was pretty cool 2 years ago, cannot handle the SL client anymore – my graphic card sucks. When the new update is forced, I may not even be able to log in. I need a super duper new computer.

But. That’s not in the budget for my family. We’re hit as hard by the recession in the US as any middle class family living here. Then I think, wait, not everyone in SL can afford a super duper wow wee computer that can handle the SL client. Who exactly is playing SL anyway? How can they afford a computer to handle this awesomely huge and computer life sucking client? Hmmmm. If they keep adding all these bells and whistles and features, I will eventually get to the point where I can’t feed my addiction (hey – it IS an addiction) and have to stop playing. Or suck it up and get a new computer. I wonder how many other players are starting to see this? The client is being upgraded, but soon alot of people won’t be able to run it.

This is what the Ivory Tower looks like for me on the release candidate client.


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