Shopping Trip

Build tools are borked for me so I decided to do a wee bit o’ shopping.  I used the key word, ‘vintage’ in my search to look about for some 50’s kind of stuff, cause I’m in that kind of mood.   The first place I land is Ivalde in the middle of an easter egg hunt.  I scored 6 eggs before I crashed and skedaddled outta there. There were some tempting folders to investigate, but I put them in my new clothes folder and move on. Then I landed at Ingenue, and find some sweet new to me cigarette pants!  Fun stuff!  The beginnings of an outfit idea form in my mind.  Hmmm, I’ve been meaning to get those new flats at Shiny Things, and a second later, the Francoise flats are mine…  I start digging through my inventory, I’m sure I have it yes!  Cute retro rhinestone glasses from Artilleri.  I just happen (okay, so this is why I’m in a 50’s mood) to have some cute clip-on super sparkly earrings I’ve been working on, but not quite ready to release.  A cool hairdo I scored on the discount wall at ETD and the perfect white shirt from Last Call. A cute corset that I found in my inventory and there you go! Credits below the picture.


  • Etd – Eva – Strawberry Blackenedslurl
  • Artilleri – Retro Rhinestone Black Glasses slurl
  • Whimsical Creations – Sparkly Stone Earrings – Will be released next week some time….slurl
  • Last Call – Celine Outfit White Shirt (um get it soon) slurl
  • SK Designs – Iris Corset (not sure if still available)slurl 
  • Ingenue – Cigerette Pants – Black slurl
  • Shiny Things – Francoise Flats – Grayslurl 
  • Chai Skin – LF Chai Skin Nutmeg Siyu Freckle slurl
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